Covid-19 updates: Jaman North Confirm Cases Rises to Thirty (30)

Mr Jacob Kwadwo Aleeba, the Director of Health at Jaman North has pleaded to people in the Region to be part of the covid-19 vaccination to reduce its severity.

Covid-19 updates: Jaman North Confirm Cases Rises to Thirty (30)

The Director of Health for the Jaman North District, Mr Jacob Kwadwo Aleeba has disclosed that the Covid-19 cases in the district are on a rise.

Speaking to the media, Dr Aleeba stated that the confirmed cases of the covid-19 from January 2021 till date is thirty (30).

He explained that 14 of the above figure are Health workers with a total of 11 persons discharged. Total covid-19 deaths are on the rise from four to five whilst the total active cases stand at 14.

He said a total of 150 samples have been sent for testing of which a total of 107 have been received with a total of 43 pending; out of the total results received, 30 tested positives.

Dr Aleeba however pleaded with Ghanaians to desist from the various conspiracy theories about the covid-19 virus and the vaccine as is the only way to deal with the spread of the virus.

He, therefore, urged all to be part of the vaccination when it gets to their destination to reduce the severity of the virus.