Politics has made me poorer – Madina MP

According to the Honorable Xavier Sosu, coming into has rather made him poorer.

Politics has made me poorer – Madina MP

Member of Parliament (MP) for Madina, Lawyer Francis Xavier Sosu, has urged Ghanaians to change their perceptions that politics is an avenue for making riches. According to him, that is a wrong perception, saying that politics is rather a platform to serve the people.

The MP observed that a lot of people have the perception that one can easily become rich when they enter politics and therefore desire to do politics. Unfortunately, he said politics has rather made him (Sosu) poorer since he entered two years ago. The MP said this while on Atinka TV’s morning show, Ghana Nie with Ekourba Gyasi Simpremu.

He said one should consider the values they have before entering politics to make a change, saying that he entered politics based on the values he had and the impact he wanted to make in society. “Before entering politics, you should consider your values.” Many people believe that politicians are liars, that they are bad people, and so on. That is the perception, but it is incorrect. Many people will tell you that if you want to make money, go into politics, but this is not true. Someone will also say that he or she has no profession and wishes to work in politics; however, politics is a service, not a profession,” he stated.

Lawyer Francis Xavier Sosu continued,” Every Ghanaian must change that perception about politics, including the clergy, it is a wrong perception.” He urged those who want to enter politics to ensure they have a profession before they do so. “It has been about two years now since I entered politics, and I have become poorer.” How much are we paid? We have a gross salary of about GHC32,000, then we pay SSNIT about $4600 and V8 loan about GHC6,800, then you pay the insurance and other dues, and every weekend, you spend at least GHC2000 on your constituents for funerals and other reasons.

Add it all up and ask yourself, “What is your net at the end of the month?” I get zero. “I cannot leave Parliament because it is a service to me,” he said. He added, “That is why I said that before you do politics, you must have a profession.” I’m here to help Ghanaians. I do not want to be one of the ordinary politicians.

Before you enter politics, find your profession, because today, it is part of the income I make from the law firm that supports me. “We have a problem with our political system if you ask me, I do not even believe that we have 275 constituencies, I have a very radical view on the kind of political change that we need in Ghana that can save our country,” he said. Source: atinkaonline.com