Contents Copyright Policy


Soiree News is a subsidiary of Augustine Corporation that has a reputation of rendering fast, current and accurate news. Soiree News trademarks are important corporate assets and the corporation demands that they are used properly. In a bid to maintain its reputation and safeguard its trademarks.

    Augustine Corporation, being the parent company assiduously guard against any infraction of its trademarks. Without a written authorization from Augustine Corporation, you shall not use Soiree News trademarks, service marks or names in a manner that connotes relationship with Soiree News. Only parties with express authorization are permitted to use its trademark in compliance with applicable terms.


We understand that with technology, news gathering has been made easier. However, soireenews goes the extra mile to gather news information and as such using our news content without our consent is a grievous offence and we don’t take this offence lightly.

Our news content includes: Interviews, video, written news flash amongst others.

No website is allowed to steal our content. If you want to use our content kindly take permission from us via email.

To prevent falling a victim of this offence, ensure you get our content copyright permission before using our content.

Soiree News maintains a large case of trademarks that ranges from designs, news content,videos, images, logos, words, letters, product shapes and sounds. This listing is however not all inclusive. Therefore, the absence of any mark on the list does not signify that it is not a Soiree News trademark.

Certain operations may translate to infringement, violation or breach of our trademarks and are not allowed. For a list of unauthorized use of our trademarks please review the following.

  • Soiree trademark or name shall not be used in a manner that is likely to cause confusion about the origin of any news, technology, service, information or other forms.
  • The use of Our trademark in a manner that suggest a relationship or association between you, your product and services with Soiree News, its programs or materials is not allowed. Unless granted prior authorization.
  • You shall not use our name or label, as part of a company’s product, service, materials or program.
  • You shall not use our trademark in a manner that is probable to dilute, defame, dishonor or damage the reputation of Soiree News.
  • You cannot duplicate, imitate or reproduce any of our Trade style, logo, design or any commercially related impression of the Soiree News website.
  • You cannot register or seek to register any domain name that incorporated or is confusingly similar to Soiree News mark or name
  • The Corporate logo of the Corporation cannot be used unless with written permission.


There are some actions that may not necessarily constitute an infringement of trademarks but are also not permissible. Below, Soiree News identifies such actions and concludes that no matter how harmless or infinitesimal they may seem, these actions are not permitted.

  • Do not change, alter, adapt, modify, or revamp any Soiree News trademark. Which can be the form of shortening or abbreviating a mark. By inclusion of prefixes, suffixes, or slash marks.
  • You cannot combine Our name with any letter or alphabet, number, or symbol.
  • You cannot make Our trademark the main point of any material, that is, it must not be more noticeably displayed than your service name. Therefore, it must be easily distinguishable from your name.
  • All references to Our name must be truthful, correct, and not deceptive.
  • In connection with any of Our trademarks, the ™ symbol must be used to signify acknowledgment of our ownership.


You also must comply with our Content Copyright, Terms of Use and other policies. We reserve the right to alter this policy at any period of time. Note that, this policy does not serve as legal advice and it is not sufficient enough to supply answers to your questions bothering on legal rights or duties.