How could you have laced your speech with untruths, inaccuracies, misleading, and downright lies-Ada Youth queries Akufo Addo

The group at a press conference vent its fury at the president, Nana Akufo Addo for his position on the ongoing Ada feud between them and Daniel Mckorlie and the paramount chief and the Ada traditional council.

How could you have laced your speech with untruths, inaccuracies, misleading, and downright lies-Ada Youth queries Akufo Addo

A group of discerning and futuristic youth within the Ada East and West District of the Greater Accra Region have lashed out at Akufo Addo, president of the Republic of Ghana for what it termed "choosing to be a purveyor of falsehood".

The group which is made up of the Leadership of the Ada Songor Lagoon Association(ASLA), the Dangbe East Salt Producers Association(DESPA), Ada Noryami Kpe abroad led by Vice President, Mr. David Amanor, The Libi Wornor, The Terkperbiawe Clan Stool Father, Nomo Tetteh Ableedu, The Asafoatse-ngua Glorgo Dadebom Anim V of Terkperbiawe Clan, The Terkperbiawe Queen mother, Naana Korlekie Korley I, Nene Korley Adegu, Chief of Aminapa, The chiefs Elders and youth of communities around the Songor Lagoon Basin are spewing their displeasure at what is widely described as selective and discriminatory tendency of Akufo Addo regarding the Ada Songor Lagoon Basin.

The group at a press conference vent its fury at the president, Nana Akufo Addo for his position on the ongoing Ada feud between them and Daniel Mckorlie and the paramount chief and the Ada traditional council.

"We would like to express our disappointment and total disgust at the stance taken by the president of the Republic on the Ada Songor Lagoon issue.

As president of the nation, one expect you to be father for all including the less privileged but it is evident that your visit to our region has triggers disorderliness, so what are you, a confusionist or unifier?", the group questioned.

The youth group further maintained "President Akufo Addo has turned the good works of the Late Former President, H.E. Jerry John Rawlings, Mr. Tsatsu Tsikata, Mr. Fui Tsikata, Father Jopp Visser, The Late Mr. Joe Reindorf, The Cabinet Ministers of the PNDC especially the then Secretary of Lands and Mineral Resources, Mr. Richard Kwame Peprah and all in government at the time who conceived and promulgated PNDC Law 287 and developed the Master Plan".

The group, describing the president's speech delivered at the launch of ElectroChem Ghana Limited's function recently in Ada as one laced with untruths, inaccuracies, misleading statements, and downright lies so much that it impinges gravely the already eroding credibility of his office.

Firstly,in the president's speech, he described McDan as a courageous entrepreneur.

Secondly, that McDan owns the biggest salt mine in West Africa.

Thirdly, that ElectroChem is producing 650 metric tones of salt which will increase to 1,000,000 metrics tones in 2024 and 2,000,000 metrics tones in 2025 to yield some US$1,000,000,000.

Fourthly, that McDan has employed 3000 people.

Fifthly, that Adaali are supporting their own.

Sixth, that McDan has been socially responsible.

But, the group holds a contrary narratives about all the claims of the president who they said failed to do due diligence before making a public spectacle of himself.

According to the Ada Youth Group, McDan is a cowardly land grabber who shields himself under protection of armed landguards and hired police and military forces to grab people's lands with his connections in government coupled with the courts to enforce his claims in a mafia style.

"Mr. President, you can check the court records in Ghana to ascertain for yourself the number of land grabbing cases against your darling boy, McDan", the group said.

The youth group vehemently dispute the president's assertion that McDan owns the biggest mine in West Africa saying McDan is instead grabbing the Songor Lagoon and its adjoining lands from Sege Nakom-Kope to Elavanyo an area of over 154 sq kilometers of arable land for cropping, solar sea and fishing.

"We want to set record straight that there is no salt mine at Ada. All that we have at Ada is the land, the sea, and a conducive climatic conditions for sea salt farming and harvesting.There are no salt deposits at Ada to be mined instead, one can only farm and harvest solar sea salt at Ada. We cannot see how this simple fact can be twisted by you!.Mr. President, you got it all wrong!".

In the business plan of McDan, Mr. President, the youth group added,states clearly that his salt that landed in Nigeria sells between US$35 to US$55 per metrics tones when the same business plan indicates that the cost of production is at US$70 per metrics tone so how can a serious business person indulge in such a low-thinking venture and you call it profitable?".

"Mr. President, it will interest you to note that contrary to your announced claim in the speech that McDan's has employed 3000 people, his own business plan states that he will employ 200 people, here again, Mr. President who should we take seriously?", the youth group queried. Also, the youth group further reiterated that, "It is very unfortunate that the President of Ghana's Republic has unwittingly brought into this ruse that Daniel McKoi aka Daniel McCauley aka Daniel McKorley is a son of Ada soil.

"Mr. President, Nene Abram Kabu Akuaku III and collaborators, show us the ancestral home of this man anywhere on Ada soil", the group demands adding, "May Nana Libi and all the deities of Ada and our ancestors bless you for peddling untruth".

"Mr. President, it is very worrying that you can say McDan is socially responsible investor and you know that is a lie from the pit of hell. It's appears as usual, you have closed your eyes to the several cases of brutalities and gross abuses being perpetuated with impunity against us which we have drawn your attention to on countless times but clearly you have demonstrated that you careless about the over 35,000 Ghanaians living around the Songor Lagoon Basin. But a saying in Ada, "Wa hlami ke pe wa se", to wit "Our future is longer than our past". In less than one and a half years ' time, you will not be in office commanding the state security agencies; you will not be able to influence the judiciary and there we shall use all legal means available to us to address the in humanities and wrongs being perpetuated against us with your tacit by McDan", the youth group optimistic. No president in history has sold your ancestral home to a single investor because of gold deposit but you are selling our ancestral livelihood to an imposter, time will tell", the group assured.

Finally, the Youth Group has a piece of advice for Paa Kwesi Asare, the BBC's Komla Dumor award winner not to allow himself to be used as a puppet for McDan to perpetuate his heinous and inhumane injustices as the celebrated late BBC icon in his lifetime never stood for crime against humanity.