Stop Holding Yourself Again As A Head Of Abor Twidan Family —Elders Of Gomoa Fetteh Stool Warn Kofi Ahonka

They repeated that Mr Ahonka was removed and that the family has reappointed a new head of family in the person of Opanyin Kwame Ewudzi.

Stop Holding Yourself Again As A Head Of Abor Twidan Family —Elders Of Gomoa Fetteh Stool Warn Kofi Ahonka
They have provided documentary proof of the picture of swollen face of embattled Ahonka to back their claim that indeed these hired miscreants had hit Mr Ahomka repeatedly until he was badly injured.
PRINCIPAL kingmakers, accredited elders,
chiefs and queen-mothers of Gomoa Fetteh Royal Stool in the Central Region, have stated that one Kofi Ahonka who carries himself as the Principal Head of Abor Twidan Family of Gomoa Fetteh is not, describing him as a trouble maker and arrogant.

They repeated that Mr Ahonka was removed and that the family has reappointed a new head of family in the person of Opanyin Kwame Ewudzi.
The elders disclosed that when Mr Ahonka  was removed as Head of the family, he has gone to join the camp of Kwasi Alhaji, some imposter chiefs and land guards who are currently fuelling conflict in Gomoa Fetteh and its adjoining  communities.
In consultation with the Queen-mother Gomoa Fetteh town, Nana Nkrabea Amoesima I, Ebusuapanyin and Elders of Gomoa Fetteh,  the Kingmakers concluded that “the brewing conflicts which have stalled the development of the area is championed by Kwasi Alhaji, strutting about as Mankrado, yet a non-indigene who’s attempt to be gazetted by the Central Regional House of Chiefs as a legitimate sub-chief to the Gomoa Fetteh Royal Stool has been suspended indefinitely by the Central Regional House of Chiefs." 
"...but current Kofi Ahonka who was even subjected to the severely by the boys of Kwesi Alhaji because of his stomach, he has moved to join those who had planned sometimes ago to end his live by hook or by crook.
"We are saying since we removed Kofi Ahonka, he had gone to join the camp of Kwesi Alhaji who are fighting us for our lands," the elders stated, issuing a warning to any individual or private developer to desist from purchasing lands from Mr Ahonka, Kwesi Alhaji and other unauthorized persons in their community or risk of losing their properties.

At a crowded press conference held at Potsin on Tuesday May 21,2024, the elders and heads of Abor Twidan Royal family of Gomoa Fetteh reaffirmed that they have performed traditions and customs to remove Kofi Ahonka from his position as their principal head of family and reappointed Opanyin Kwame Ewudzi as the new head of family.
The accredited elders of the family led by a
 96 year-old Queen-mother of Fetteh Royal Stool, Nana Nkrabeah Amoadimah I are issuing a warning to the public in response to multiple complaints that the removed Ahonka has been parading himself as the principal head of the family, cited his current action to address a press conference held at Kasoa Buduburam on Sunday May 19, 2024 in that capacity.
They pointed that they have thrown into state of shock and disbelief when the news broke out that Mr Ahonka has gone to join the camp of Kwesi Alhaji who has ordered his thugs to beat him to a pulp.

According to them, in 2015 August, Mr Ahomka was gruesomely brutalized, plucked his teeth, and damaged his eyes by the land guards/thugs hired by Kwesi Alhaji during the Akwambo festival.
They have provided documentary proof of the pictures of swollen face of embattled Ahonka to back their claim that indeed these hired miscreants had hit Mr Ahomka repeatedly until he was badly injured.

They added that the beating of Mr Ahonka has caused damage to one of his teeth, daring him to submit himself to public scrutiny on why his teeth and eyes were damaged.
At the press conference, Opanyin Kwame Ewudzi stressed that "We the undersigned principal elders of Abor Twidan Royal family have reached a resolution to remove Kofi Ahomka as head of family on account of his gross behavior.
He stressed that as custom demands, Kofi Ahomka was removed on the grounds of disrespect to the family elders, arrogance, betrayal to the family and indiscriminate dissipation of stool lands.
According to him, behavior of Mr Ahomka has really brought so much disunity and unrest in the family for far so long, owing to that, the principal elders on the 14th day of November, 2023 decided to remove him and appoint Opanyin Kwame Ewudzi as the new Ebusuapanyinto steer up the affairs of the Family.

"We therefore humbly notify and advise that you don’t have anything to do with the said Ahomka in the capacity of Ebusuapanyii from henceforth, as far as chieftaincy and land matters of Gomoa Fetteh are concern," he announced at the press conference.
For his part a 96 year-old Mueen-mother of Fetteh Royal Stool, Nkrabeah Amoadimah I called on President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to, immediately explore human centred measures to stop the situation from escalating.
She expressed disgust over spate of attacks and killings of innocent people in Gomoa Fetteh land which does not like bloods of human beings.
"Today we are saying again that the royal citizens of Gomoa Fetteh Royal Stool are fed up and tired of hearing of land-guards attack  on our people by the hired thugs of one Kwesi Alhaji, This man is not coming from Gomoa Fetteh. We don't even know Kwesi Alhaji

"We are tired of hearing of stone throwing, we are tired of shooting and killing of our men and women by the hired thugs...we know where the guns and offensive weapons come from. We want respect and common decency in Fetteh," 
"We are therefore daring Kwesi Alhaji to meet us with his matrilineal family elders, Patrilineal family elders, Documents covering Gomoa Fetteh lands that he is been selling, in as much as he claims he is taking care of those lands on behalf of his so-called father no one knows and then,the entire Gomoa Fetteh history documents before any medium, the traditional Council, Resolution body whatsoever to prove that he is indeed a native and a royal member of Gomoa Fetteh to ascend any throne, or else, he should advise himself accordingly, the visibly worried Nkrabeah Amoadimah I sent strong warning to Kwesi Alhaji.

She expressed dissatisfaction at the growing spate of land-guard activities in Gomoa Fetteh communities which is affecting peace and human security.
She indicated that Gomoa Fetteh has become a training center for land guards.
Nkrabeah Amoadimah I, alleged that the activities of these land guards are being fuelled by Nana Kwesi Kwansah II popularly known as Kwasi Alhaji who was illegally installed Mankralo of the area.
She averred that,the ongoing activities of the land guards is not helping development in the area and as such, government of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo must do well to go by its words of ending the activities of land guards.
For his part, the Royal Secretary to the Gomoa Fetteh Royal Stool, Nana Essel, in his address mentioned that Gomoa Fetteh has become a victim and a hideout for “imposters,fraudsters, mercenaries and thieves who carry themselves about as chiefs.”
According to him,, the community has over many years not known any peace and development on account of these factors.

Touching on the traditional leadership of Gomoa Fetteh, of Gomoa Fetteh, Nana Essel, indicated that the problems they are having in are blamed on the paramount chief of Gomoa Akyempim Traditional Area.
He noted that, the Paramount Chief of Gomoa Akyimpem Traditional Area had made some installations which go contrary to their customs and tradition.
Nana Essel said “The Queen mother, Ohembaa Amoesima Nkrabea I, who has reigned since 1989 is alive and still reigning, but the Omanhen has sworn in another person as Obaahembaa in 2021 in his private residence at Buduatta. 
"There is Omankrado in Gomoa Fetteh already since 1992 in the person of Nana Kwa Mbreye, but Assin Omanhen has sworn in another person, a total stranger (a stranger means a person who is not a native or a member of a particular group of people or town) in the person of Kwesi Alhaji as Omankrado in 2021 in his private residence at Buduatta.”
He mentioned that there is a nominated candidate from the Royal Family whom he the Omanhen sworn into office on the 12th of October, 2017, but this same Omanhen has sworn in another Kofi Baah who styles himself as Abor Atta as chief in 2021 in his private residence at Buduatta.
“There is Ebusuapanyin in the Abor Twidan Royal Family already, yet again, Omahen has sworn in and certified three more people as Ebusuapanyins in the same Royal Family in 2021 in his private residence at Buduatta.”
He stressed that they, as Elders and Kingmakers of Gomoa Fetteh do not accept anything untraditional, and for that matter, they do not recognize these people as chiefs.
"We are here to throw more lights on the criminalities of Kwesi Alhaji and to draw the attention of the authorities to take immediate and unbiased action against him (Kwesi Alhaji) and his cahoots.This Kwesi Alhaji was brought to Gomoa Fetteh by one lateself-style  Chief Abor Yamoaha k a Mr. Edward K. Acquaye," he told journalists.
According to him, Mr. Edward K. Acquaye’s installation as chief was challenged and destooled traditionally by the Kingmakers. Because, he hails from Gomoa Dogo, and not Gomoa Fetteh. He then upon his destoolment begun surrounding himself with land guards with sophisticated  weapons led by Kwesi Alhaji to help him (Abor Yamoah) impose
 himself on Gomoa Fetteh people.
He indicated that Kwesi Alhaji who has suddenly metamorphosed into Kwesi 
Greyham today,never comes from Gomoa Fetteh.Kwesi Alhaji upon arriving in Gomoa Fetteh pleaded with elders of Asona Clan 
of Gomoa Fetteh to permit him join the Clan, which they allowed by slaughtering a ram, bottles of schnapps and money as tradition 

"Today, Kwesi Alhaji calls himself Omankrado, a title that deserves only royals, and not aliens.
Nevertheless,as far as we are concerned, Kwesi Alhaji was imported as a mercenary from Akotsia,and that, he is never a native of Gomoa Fetteh as he claims," he revealed
He stated that there are records which indicate that Kwesi Alhaji has been selling 
our lands to Ghanaians as though he not is a royal citizen of Fetteh, stressing that "no one knows any of his relatives."
He pointed that Kwesi Alhaji doesn’t issue genuine document to cover any land he sells.
"In fact, we are saying that he is breeding miscreants and villains in the entire communities,such as Fetteh Kakraba, Opeikuma, Kasoa, Kojo Oku, Apra, Nkwantanan, Kobina Andoh, Anapansu, Buduburam, Tuansa, Nyanyano etc.

According to him, in the early regime of President Nana Akufo Addo, he declared an 
extreme action on extirpating landguardism from the system.
He stressed that this prompted the late Edward Kwame Aquaye to enstool his 
mercenary Kwesi Alhaji as camouflage Omankrado against the will  of we the elders and Kingmakers, just to foil him from being 
arrested as land-guard as he is. 
He indicated that they have been assaulting and killing people to take their lands, and on account of that, most of the indigenes who are working on their building projects and farmscan’t attend to their normal routines anymore with the fear of being attacked and harmed or killed.
He stated that almost the whole youth in the above mentioned areas are emulating the hooliganism, drugs, robbery and inhumane lifestyle of this Kwesi Alhaji and his cahoots, which is so uncalled-for. 
He asserted that in September 2018, Opanyin Kwame Annan, Nana Kobina Essel and Opanyin Kofi Atta were attacked by Kwesi Alhaji and his gun men during a meeting in their own room in the glare eyes of the then Kasoa Divisional Police Officers headed by COP Ajem.

"He went as far as threatening that they were lucky it wasn’t day time, else he would have ordered his boys to kill the mall and no one 
could do anything about it.Owing to this attack, the 70 year old man Opanyin Kofi Attah as now paralyzed," he explained
He pointed out that a petition was wrote to that effect, and sent to the Director of CID, but till date, nothing is done about it.
On the 5th of September 2020, according to Nana Essel, another Ebusuapanyin Kobina Ebo of Anona family was mercilessly assaulted, infringed horrible wounds all over his body and stripped naked on the street.
Again on the 5th November 2020, he revealed that Opanyin Kobina Kaye, a principal Elder of Abor Twidan Royal family and others were as 
well assaulted at the full glare eyes of the millennium city police officers, but the then DCOP Boapia,Regional Commander who 
was deputized by ACP Amaning rather arrested the victims without investigating this land-guard and his gang because they work 
according to KwesiAlhaji’sinstructions.
According to him, the matter was eventually reported to PIPPS, but as usual, nothing was done about it till date. 

He indicated that on October 5, 2021, 
the Omankrado of Gomoa Fetteh Kakraba 
was attacked by these land-guard assassins and sounded  multiple gun shorts in his house. 
Lucky he was, the Fetteh Stool Secretary honored that he took to his heels through a very slim chance, other than that, he would have been assassinated.
"We challenge all the Ghana security services, agencies and forces to prove to Ghanaians that they are not there for money and their selfish interests as some of them have made Ghanaians to believe, but rather, they are there to protect both the poor and the rich, and for that matter, they MUST deal with that Kwesi Alhaji and his accomplices who have disguised themselves with regalia," the stool secretary noted.