Nana Agradaa Exposes Herbalist Who Claimed Man Wanted To Use His Daughter For Money Rituals

Nana Agradaa has exposed the herbalist who claimed to have saved the daughter of the man who want to sacrifice her for rituals claiming he is fake.

Nana Agradaa Exposes Herbalist Who Claimed Man Wanted To Use His Daughter For Money Rituals

Born-again fetish priestess Evangelist Mama Pat formerly known as Nana Agradaa has commented on the trending story of the herbalist who called on the police to arrest a client who came to his place to sacrifice.

This story has been gravitating on the internet for the past three days now, and many Ghanaians have shared their two cents on it.

According to Nana Agradaa, the supposed herbalist is fake and has no spiritual powers & he set the innocent man up after chopping his money.

Nana Agradaa went ahead to drop some of the tricks some spiritualists use to dupe gullible people in the name of sika Duro after chopping their monies.

She continued that some of the fake spiritualists give some undoable tasks to their clients to save themselves after spending their monies.

On the authority of Nana Agradaa, the herbalist is fake. He wanted to set himself free after chopping his money by telling him to bring his daughter because he assumed the man couldn’t live up to that task.

Meanwhile, chilling details have emerged about his corny dealings and his botched background as a military man who was sacked out of the service.

Social commentator Kwame A plus in a series of Facebook posts has blown the cover off the herbalist. According to him and the evidence he shared thereof, the man has a long history of setting people up.

Per the content of the evidence which was relayed to him by some military men who had worked with the fetish priest when he was in the Ghana Armed Forces, he is fake.

He allegedly was sacked out from the Armed Forces for his secret schemes which were aimed at disgracing others and pitching one camp against another.

He was described as a dangerous fraudster.

Recall that a man, identified as Evans Oppong was been picked up by the police at Oyibi in the Greater Accra Region for attempting to sacrifice his young daughter for money rituals.

He had sought the help of a herbalist at Oyibi, Nana Adu-Boafo, for the sacrificial job. However, the herbalist alerted the police and caused his arrest.

The herbalist, who recorded the entire arrest as it unfolded, is heard in the video saying: “The girl’s father came to see me; he told me he just landed in the country after staying overseas for a while and it hasn’t been easy for him”.

“He told me he is a father of 12 and is offering two of them for money rituals”.

“He offered me GHS 10,000 and other good surprises when the job is done. Sadly, he had just picked the daughter up during school hours and told her he was going to get her a new dress”, the herbalist narrated.

“Yes, I am a herbalist but I am also a military man. I am very disciplined. I don’t engage in any sinister activities. I want to prove to the world that herbalists are not as evil as they are painted. We are not killers as is portrayed in movies, we are healers. I have the little girl he brought for me to kill.”