Mr Eazi Lunches Scholarship Fund To Support UTAS Student

Mr. Eazi has given a scholarship to 100 students in CKT- UTAS every year to help support the needy.

Mr Eazi Lunches Scholarship Fund To Support UTAS Student

International music sensation and businessman, Oluwatosin Ajibade, popularly known as Mr. Eazi has instituted a scholarship scheme to support needy undergraduate students at the C. K. Team University of Technology and Applied Sciences (CKT-UTAS).

The scholarship scheme, which started with initial seed money of GHS200,000 is expected to cover the full fees of 100 students of CKT-UTAS every year.

The gesture comes in the wake of recent difficulties encountered by many students in the payment of their fees and thereby disrupting their education.

People who can apply for Mr. Eazi Students Fund?

The Scholarship is open to all students on the C. K. Team University of Technology and Applied Sciences Campus, from level 100 to level 400.

All Applicants must have in their possession, their admission letter and a valid student’s identity card.

The Applicant must be without any criminal record or not have faced any disciplinary action.

The Applicant should not be on any other scholarship scheme that covers his/her AFUF.

The Applicant must demonstrate that he/she has Critical Economic Needs.

Priority shall be given to:

Needy females

Needy orphans

Displaced Persons (Certified Refugees, Internally Displaced Persons, etc.)

Persons with Disability

The Applicant must be committed to supporting the CKT-UTAS Students Financial Services in later years should they successfully get employed after school.

The scholarship application form is free and has a feature of a “2021/2022” watermark.

Qualified applicants should apply for the scholarship as soon as they can.

Applicants who have already made at least 60%-part payment of their fees can apply for support to pay the remaining amount.

Inaccurate information or fraudulent misrepresentation on the part of any applicant and any attempt to influence the process will lead to disqualification and a recommendation for dismissal from the university.

It is the hope of Mr. Eazi and the University that beneficiaries of the Fund will be able to complete their studies despite their economically challenged background. Eligible candidates for the scholarship can apply by downloading the application forms from the students portal @