I'm not a madman: Hanks Anuku speaks two years after a viral video of him on the streets

Nigerian actor Hanks Anuku has told how a viral video wrongly depicting him as mentally unwell harmed his career and caused him great emotional pain.

I'm not a madman: Hanks Anuku speaks two years after a viral video of him on the streets

The video, which appeared in 2022, showed Anuku wearing in ragged clothes and apparently talking to himself, sparking significant concern about his mental state.

Shortly after the film surfaced, Nollywood actress Shan George denied the allegations, claiming that Anuku was not mentally disturbed.

In a recent interview with content producer Lucky Udu, which went viral on Sunday, Anuku stated that the clip came from a movie set.

The actor explained that he was preparing for a job that needed him to play a mentally ill character, and he was immersing himself in the setting to perfect his portrayal. "I was attempting to get into character for a role I was going to play as a crazy.

Hanks Anuku meant that someone was not in his right mind or senses. "So I had to go naturally visit the environment to see how I would play it in that same neighborhood."

I was simply demonstrating how the director wanted me to do it, concentrating and getting into character. He denied rumors that he was on drugs and unwell, insisting that he was completely normal.

"They said a lot of things. They claimed I was unwell and on drugs, but I am not sick and was not on drugs; perhaps they saw me melancholy, as depression can cause stress.

But being on narcotics does not make me a maniac; I am really sane," Hanks Anuku stated.

The actor bemoaned the consequences of the video, which resulted in the loss of relationships, job offers, and revenue.

"I lost relationships, and producers no longer approached me about jobs. I lost a lot of money, lost employment, and was unemployed. People didn't care about me.

"God directed my steps to a good soul," he explained. Hanks Anuku voiced his grief about the tragedy. “I went through pain. If you were in my shoes, you would feel it. I was heartbroken for these people to do this to me.