NDC Parliamentary Primaries: I am Not In The Race To Amass Wealth For Myself---Owen Kwame Frimpong Declares

Mincing no words, an Lower West Akim NDC Parliamentary hopeful was quick to unveil his solid vision to be implemented to spur the party into victory when voted for to become Parliamentary candidate for the NDC in the constitueny.

NDC Parliamentary Primaries: I am Not In The Race To Amass Wealth For Myself---Owen Kwame Frimpong Declares
Owen Kwame Frimpong, NDC aspiring parliamentary hopeful for Lower West Akim
A 48-year-old Ghanaian business tycoon, Mr Owen Kwame Frimpong, who is affectionately called Darling Boy, has declared his intention to contest the parliamentary primaries on the ticket of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Lower West Akim constituency of the Eastern Region when the party opens nomination.
Mincing no words, an Lower West Akim NDC Parliamentary hopeful was quick to unveil his solid vision to be implemented to spur the party into victory when voted for to become Parliamentary candidate for the party in the constitueny.
Darling Boy known for his boldness, selfless leadership, forthrightness, transparent and accountable leadership as well as strategic and innovative believes ,these vision will come into fusion.
The first point raised in his vision statement is to reenergize the NDC grassroots in the area to help secure the parliamentary seat for the NDC which has been occupied by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) for the past 20 years now.
The young celebrated entrepreneur who is owner of the Bridavis Shipping Company Limited, Bridavis Cleaning Services and Bridavis Car Rental Company noted that his business background would also help influence policies that affect economic growth, education and entrepreneurship when given the opportunity in the party to represent the Lower West Akim in Parliament.
“This is about time that the young ones particularly myself need to step out and offer myself for leadership; leadership for Parliament. Mind you, we need to put together quality human resource to demonstrate to the world that indeed Lower West Akim has something good to offer and I have prepared myself over the period and have come to the point that after inner research and proper consultation it’s about time to step forward and ask the hands of the people to be selected as their parliamentary candidate and possibly the member of Parliament for Lower West Akim for the 2024 elections going forward.”
Mr Kwame Frimpong intimated that the representation of the constituents in Parliament and the development of Lower West Akim is one very important thing that should not be toyed with.
He continued that “I Owen Kwame Frimpong  who is the native of the Lower West Akim hold the view that the past and present MPs have done a good job but the pace at which we are developing is too slow.
There’s therefore the need to inject in fresh young people with new ideas that can push for the development of Lower West Akim to a higher level.”
Speaking in an interview with Soireenews. com, Mr. Kwame Frimpong pointed out that he is a good standing member of the NDC and that he decided to enter into the race because he has the people in the constituency at heart.
"I want to tell the members and supporters of the NDC to vote for me to win the incoming NDC parliamentary primaries in order to win the seat for them. I am not in the race for my own personal interest or to win and amass wealth for myself. 
"...but l am in the race to win and do my contributions to the constituents. I would be the crusader for whatever shares of the national cake and give out the shares of the national cake to the residents," Mr Kwame Frimpong reaffirmed.
According to Mr. Kwame Frimpong, has been instrumental of carrying out some humanitarian supporting services to the NDC in area of cleaning various offices in the NDC headquarters at Adabraka in Accra free of charges.
Aside that, the young NDC firebrand mentioned that he managed to endear himself to his home communities in the constitueny through his philanthropic work in the area of health, education, security, social welfare and water and sanitation.
He pointed out that having being the grassroot member of the NDC, he sees himself as the most competent person among the aspirants to lead the party in the constituency into the 2024 election.
The young businessman who is owner of Bridavis Shipping Company Limited, 
Bridavis Cleaning Services and Bridavis Car Rental Company noted that having toured various communities to carry some humanitarian supporting activities and services to youths and less underprivileged group of people, he realized that the constituency needed a person at the grassroots who understood the terrain of politics within the area to represent them in the parliamentary.
According to him, empirical evidence on the ground suggested the party needed to present a new candidate to enable the party to win the parliamentary seat from the NPP in the upcoming election.
Mr Kwame Frimpong who is very passionate about the education development of the youths in the area believes it was time for a youthful candidate who was ready to work to change the fortunes of the constituency to be elected to champion his vision on education, health, youth and women empowerment.
He acknowledged the lack of development in the constitueny under the leadership of the NPP for the past 20 years which has been compounded by youth unemployment and high poverty.
Through his business experiences, Mr.Kwame Frimpong expressed the hope to partner a number of international organisations to help transform the area for the benefit of the people as well as put the youth into apprenticeship and offer them start-up capital to enable them to set up their businesses.
He mentioned that he would come up with innovative ideas and interventions that would have direct impact on the lives of the constituents.
He said he was in the race as a strong force who could unify the divided front of the party to win the parliamentary seat and consolidate the victory in future elections.
He stated that the party needed a candidate who was well connected in all the sectors of the economy saying he would contesting the election with the primary objective of helping to address the myriad of challenges confronting the constitueny if elected MP for the constituency.
His message is to tackle the poor state of roads in the area by lobbying for immediate government intervention to enable motorists and particularly farmers to cart their goods to market centres.
The young business mogul bemoaned the lack development and high rate of youth unemployment in Lower West Akim and pledged to roll out human centered policies to address these press problems when he wins the NDC primaries and subsequently win the parliamentary election in the 2024.