Ghanaian businesses urge to take advantage of the Internet space

According to the CEO of Surge Digital, the Internet space is a platform worth leveraging on to upscale sales.

Ghanaian businesses urge to take advantage of the Internet space

With the fast evolution Internet space, Ghanaian businesses are enjoined to take advantage of the platform. 

This,according to the Chief Executive Officer(CEO), of Surge Digital, Abdul-Rahim Baba, a youth business owner, the future of Digital Marketing is promising and therefore worthy for the youth to take advantage of.

He was speaking in an exclusive interview with recently explaining what his line of business is about. According to him, his outfit looks out for businesses committed to upscaling their market and developing solutions that will help them achieve the intended purpose.

While recommending his line of business f

to the youth, he bemoaned the increasing cost of data as a factor impeding the smooth running of their businesses.

He could not understand the unreadiness of businesses to leverage the digital space in upscaling their businesses as the worth is in there.

He reiterated that the future is digital marketing, therefore, encouraging businesses to switch to the platform in maximizing the potential therein.

He therefore cautioned that credibility plays a major role in the development of the most important things to do in the future if the business must outlive the creator.

Report by Prosper Kwaku Selassy Agbitor