Married Men Should Invest In Their Wives and Not Side-Chicks - Efia Odo

Actress, Efia Odo tells men to pay attention to their wives if they want to get the best out of them

Married Men Should Invest In Their Wives and Not Side-Chicks - Efia Odo
Efia Odo

Efia Odo has asked men to invest their efforts in their wives instead of spending money on side chicks.

According to her, if married men spent even half on what they spend on their side chicks on their wives, their wives would be much sexier than their so-called side chicks.

She said this for men who use the excuse of their wives not being "sexy" enough as a reason to chase side chicks.

"Some men will marry and have sexy side chicks. Why don’t you just help your wife to get her sexy back? Go to the gym with her if you think she’s put on weight. Buy her sexy clothes, take her to get her hair done. Motivate her and help boost her self esteem again." She wrote on her Twitter page.

The slay queen has always been an advocate for married men and their wives.

She recently called out Vicky Zugah for encouraging prostitution in an interview with Joy Prime.

Vicky Zugah had stated that there is nothing wrong with ladies sleeping with married men for money.

She described the process of ladies dating married men to survive process as "hustling".

According to her, as long as the ladies are doing it to fend for themselves, they are not committing any crime if they don't get caught in the act.

“Sometimes ladies date married men for the money and nothing else. Those who don’t like hustling but want to live luxurious lives are the ones who find themselves in this fix. As long as you don’t get caught, I don’t see anything wrong with it,” Vicky is reported to have said in the interview.

Efia Odo quickly pointed out that sleeping with married men is prostitution and's a crime.

The actress emphatically corrected her colleague, saying that the act is not called hustling, rather it is referred to as prostitution and it is a crime in most countries.

“It’s called prostitution ???? Prostitution is illegal in many countries “, she wrote.