Annor Adjaye saga: Human Rights Lawyer backs HRRG calls for justice; demands disciplinary committee report from GES As calls heightens for justice to be

Following the Annor Adjaye saga,a Human Rights Lawyer has thrown weight behind the HRRG's calls for justice and a demands for disciplinary committee report from GES As calls heightens for justice to be

Annor Adjaye saga: Human Rights Lawyer backs HRRG calls for justice; demands disciplinary committee report from GES  As calls heightens for justice to be

As calls heighten for justice to be served to the 19 beleaguered students of the Annor Adjaye SHS who were victims of abuse, torture, and brute canning by some teachers without the appropriate response from the authorities to punish the perpetrators, a human rights lawyer has waded into the matter, thrown its weight behind the Human Rights Reporters Ghana (HRRG) to push for it to happen.   

HRRG broke the news of the unwarranted abuse and merciless canning which caused bodily harm to nineteen 19 final year students of Annor Adjaye Senior High School at Ezilibo of the Jomoro District - Western Region by 7 unscrupulous teachers on Tuesday, May 10, 2022.

 According to HRRG's sources, the students were accused of lateness during the early morning church service on Sunday, May 8, 2022.  The move which infuriated the teachers to commit the lawless act by subjecting the students to the barbaric and cruel treatment of merciless beating which ended up inflicting deep cane wounds on their bodies Since the troubling news broke, which went viral and evoked huge public uproar and condemnation, no action has been taken by the educational authorities to bring the seven (7) teachers who allegedly misconducted themselves by taking such needless action, to book. Incessant efforts by the Human Rights Reporters Ghana and other advocacy groups including the media to get the authorities to act have proved abortive, as a result. In an attempt to exert more pressure on the authorities to respond, the HRRG on July 7 wrote to the Western Regional Director of Education of the GES, Madam Felicia Okai, and copied the Director General of GES demanding to be served the proof of full report on the findings of its investigations on the matter and clear evidence of steps taken to punish the teachers involved. This is to help advance its investigations to continue to inform the public accordingly on the unfortunate developments in a bid to help seek justice for the victims. But the request made by the HRRG to the educational authorities nearly two months down the line has hit a snag with absolutely no response. Following the failed attempts, Lawyer Christian Akwesi Baume (ESQ.) is the next to write to the GES seeking the authority to grant the request of the HRRG by releasing the disciplinary committee report on the Annor-Adjaye SHS canning saga to help further investigations to bring closure to the barbaric and inhumane incident.  In a letter dated August 30, 2022, signed by Mr. Christian Akwesi Baume, addressed to the Western Regional Education Director, Madam Felicia Okai, and copied to the Director General of the Ghana Education Service in Accra including the Human Rights Reporters Ghana, the revered Lawyer humbly appealed to the GES to do the needful. It equally reminded the GES that failure to comply with the HRRG's request will not only be tantamount to unlawful conduct but a violation of their constitutional rights in equal measure.

“I wish to indicate to your outfit that my Clients being an entity properly registered under the laws of the Republic of Ghana and being a Human Rights Advocacy Group that advocates against human rights abuses and ensures human rights protection for the vulnerable, are entitled under THE ARTICLE 21(1)f OF THE CONSTITUTION 1992 and RIGHT TO INFORMATION ACT 2019 (ACT989) to be furnished with the said Committee Reports as a request for.

Thus your failure to fulfill my Client’s request will not only be unlawful but also a violation of their constitutional rights.   We therefore humbly request for the following;   A. certified copies of the entire proceedings and hearing of the Disciplinary Committee, and   B. Certified copies of the Report and findings of the Disciplinary Committee”.    Read the full letter below:           Source: Human Rights Reporters Ghana