Akufo-Addo, IGP Alert: Bloody Gun Battle Looms In Tarkwa Aboso--Over Unlawful Seizure Of Private House By NPP's George Duker Boys

The momentum with which the clouds of war are fast assembling in the business hub town-- Tarkwa have sent many peace-loving Ghanaians sulking.

Akufo-Addo, IGP Alert: Bloody Gun Battle Looms In Tarkwa Aboso--Over Unlawful Seizure Of Private House By NPP's George Duker Boys
A heavy-tick-dark clouds of bloody gin battle is said to be hurriedly gathering in the Tarkwa Aboso of the Western Region, as loud sound of war drums dazzles closer and quicker.

The momentum with which the clouds of war are fast assembling in the business hub town-- Tarkwa have sent many peace-loving Ghanaians sulking.

Unstable-intermitted-tension is said to be building up in the town at the least provocation.
The days of trust between the two feuding factions; the famous Ghanaian business tycoons who are couples living in Takoradi and Axim in the Western Region–Mr. Stephen Kwagyah and Mrs. Voctoria Kwagyah on one hand and Zakariah  Ahuhakar, Mr Ohene Nyantwen who are agents working for the Member of Parliament (MP) for Tarkwa Nsuaem Constituency, Mr George Mireku Duker on the other hand, appears to be fast vanishing as fear, mistrust and uncertainty takes over.

This development follows the diabolical move by Mr Duker to hire some thugs to unlawfully continue to seize the private house in Tarkwa Aboso  belonging to Mr. Stephen Kwagyah and Mrs.Voctoria Kwagyah.
According to reports, an Tarkwa High Court a couple of weeks ago, declared the final judgement restraining entry of the said house by this NPP guru together with his agents, assigns and trespassers on the house but the NPP man and his followers have completely disobeyed the order of the law court.
The order was given these trespassers after the court declared Mr. Stephen Kwagyah and Mrs.Voctoria Kwagyah the owners of the said private house in Tarkwa Aboso.

According to information available to this journalist, the court on August 21, 2023 served the restraining order to the NPP gurus through his agents, Zakariah Ahuhakar and unknown trrespaasers–the defenders to vacate the house but they had defied the order from the court and employed some thugs to continue to occupy the house, the situation which has created tension and confusion in the area.
This is the case of Mr. Stephen Kwagyah and Mrs.Voctoria Kwagyah–the plaintiff/applicant verses Zakariah Ahuhakar and unknown transpaasers–the defenders.
The restraining order from the court which is in possession of the this news outlet reads in part;" Upon reading the affidavit of Mr. Stephen Kwagyah of Axim and Takoradi the 1th plaintiff/applicant herein and have the consent of the 2nd plaintiff/applicant herein sworn to and filed on the 28th day of July, 2023 in support of the Motion on Notice for an order for interlocutory injunction.
The order continued that "upon hearing Mr Abdul Aziz Seidu holding brief for Mr Cephas Ato Etsiakorba, counsel the plaintiff/applicant herein.
"It is therefore ordered that the defendants/ respondents are restrained from exercising or purporting to exercise supervision or control of the plot No.19 Tarkwa with the property thereon. 
"Given under my hand and seal of the High Court of Justice, Tarkwa. This 21st day of August 2023," the restraining order which was signed by the Registrar of the court, Mr Aboagye Da-Costa has concluded.
But the top NPP guru boys have disobeyed the order and still occupied the house and that the attitudes of these of these violent young troublemakers have amounted to contempt of the law.
However, for the peace to prevail in the area, Mr. Stephen Kwagyah and Mrs.Voctoria Kwagyah the owners of the private house in Tarkwa Aboso called on President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to immediately use his good offices as the Commander-In-Chief of Ghana Army Forces (GAF) to order for the NPP's Duker boys to vacate the seized house.
According to them, their call is a matter of importance because any attempt by Mr Duker and boys other who been retraining order by the law court to vacate the building will likely to be greeted with a serious bloody clash in the area.
They pointed out that the top NPP guru after the using the thugs to unlawfully seize the private property belonged to them [Mr. Stephen Kwagyah and Mrs.Voctoria Kwagyah] thereby using the said house for the NPP office.
Already, details have sketchy regarding how the top NPP guru used his political position to forcefully and unlawfully confiscate the three storey building structure in the centre of the current fight.
But some genuine land documents from the Lands Commission which were intercepted regarding the acquisition of the storey house located at Tarkwa Aboso near the main stadium revealed that Mr. Stephen Kwagyah and Mrs.Voctoria Kwagyah  initially bought the house from the allodial owner, Mr Paul Kingsley Koffie.
It has emerged that the couples have legally, lawfully, and genuinely had bought the house from the owner, Mr Paul Kingsley Koffie by paying back a mortgage loan that Mr Koffie has secured from the Standard Chartered Bank Ghana.
The two are said to have renovated the house, which was ready to be used and lo and behold  the NPP guru stormed the place and confiscated the house without recourse to the money being spent by the two couples for the renovation works.
Following the buying of the house from Mr. Koffie, Mr. Stephen Kwagyah and Mrs.Voctoria Kwagyah dully and legally done the change of ownership of the house at the Lands Commission in Takoradi.
These legal and lawful transactions had attested to the fact that the two couple now become the original tittle owners of the said house in Tarkwa Aboso.
These pieces of evidence were contained in the necessary legal land documents, which were registered in Lands Commission in the title names of Mr Stephen Kwagyah and Mrs.Voctoria Kwagyah.
What is very irritating was that although the NPP capo was very much aware of these transactions between the couples and Mr. Koffie, this politician has ignored these deals and went ahead to use his political position to influence Mr Koffie to resell the same house to him.
Meanwhile, this news outlet investigations at Tarkwa have revealed that Mr. Stephen Kwagya and Mrs.Voctoria Kwagyah were not the only victims who the NPP guru had taken their landed property from.
Our sources disclosed that this political personality has fraudulently bought houses and lands belonging to many individuals who are poor in Tarkwa enclave, the worrying situation which has created tension and confusion in Tarkwa. 
Additionally, thorough checks conducted by this news outlet in the Takoradi office of Lands Commission and corroborated with the land genuine documents from the couple have revealed that Mr. Stephen Kwagyah and Mrs.Voctoria Kwagyah have bought the said house from Mr Koffie and renovated.
In order to push his fraudulent agenda against Mr. Stephen Kwagyah and Mrs. Victoria Kwagyah, this politician has connived and succeeded in influencing the custodian owner of the house, Mr Koffie, to do the double sale of the same house to him.
In this regard, the politician was reported to have hired some lawyers to write ill-fated letter and attached with a cheque payment of Zenith Bank Limited to the tune of GH¢ 30,000.000 in the name of Mrs. Voctoria Kwagyah which was endorsed by Mr Koffie.
This action was to create an impression that the owner of the house [Mr. Paul Kingsley Koffie] has paid back the money which was paid to him [Mr Koffie] by Mr. Stephen Kwagyah and Mrs.Voctoria Kwagyah for their payment of the house.
But the cheque issued by this politician was leaked to Mr Stephen Kwagyah and Mrs. Voctoria  Kwagyah, who hurriedly used legal action to stop the NPP guru. 
They reported the fraudulent issue of Mr Koffie and the NPP guru to the personnel of Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) and the BNI virtually got Mr Koffie arrested in his hideout in Accra and brought to Tarkwa to face the full rigour of the law.
This notwithstanding, the NPP man used force with support from the thugs to occupy the house and virtually painted the building structure with the NPP coloures although the couple had spent their money to renovate the house.
Checks from the records book of the land registry department of the Lands Commission in Takoradi on Wednesday, July 12, 2023, have indicated that the business tycoons have bought the said bouse from the custodian owner.
In prowl, the officials at Lands Commission in Takoradi have rendered series of land documents in the name of the couple and also confirmed that the couple have legally and lawfully performed change of name of the ownership of the house which is under bone of contention.
It has emerged from the Land Commission Record books that Nana Kwobina Angu sold the land to Mr. Koffie on September 20, 2004, and Mr Paul Koffie took a mortgage from the Standard Chartered Bank on September 5, 2007, 
According to the information from the Lands Commission, Mr Stephen Kwagya and his wife entered into the agreement with Mr Koffie on November 11, 2022, to settle the Standard Chartered Bank mortgage loan to enable the two couples to own the storey house property.
The Land Commission records have stipulated that the management of Standard Chartered Bank realized that the couple have shown interest to buy the  house through an agent"so they handed over all the necessary legal land documents to the two couples after the settlement of the mortgage loan secured by Mr  Koffie.
These pieces of evidence were confirmed after the series of cross checkings from the Takoradi office of Lands Commission.
NPP is now a house name in Tarkwa-Nsuaem as a corrupt political party due to the way and manner this NPP top guru in the area is using the name of the party to do every filthy deals.
These bad attributions had informed some supporters and members of the NPP in the Tarkwa-Nsuaem constituency to call on the national executives' leadership of the party to call this political leader to order.
They pointed out that this NPP guru since he was elected has created division and confusion in the area and that he is currently fighting the individual residents over their landed properties.
These continuous behaviour of the NPP guru, they noted has destroyed the image of the NPP in Tarkwa and its adjoining communities, the tendencies which would affect the party fortune in the 2024 general election if the national executives leadership of the NPP have not woke up to call him to order.
Speaking in the meeting with the journalist on Wednesday July 12, 2023 in a visit to area, the couple expressed worry over the continuous attitude by the NPP capo to seize their building property they had bought from Mr Koffie and renovated for the use.
The visible worried Mr. Stephen Kwagyah and Mrs. Voctoria Kwagyah provided documentary proof to back their claims that indeed they have genuinely and lawfully bought the house property in question from Mr Koffie and fully paid him.
This was contained in a document dated July 9, 2022 signed by Mr Koffie which is in the  possession of the journalist with the letter head "God Is Able Enterprise," which was in confirmation of the payment of receipt done by the couples to reaffirm that they had paid for the purchase of the property at Tarkwa Aboso.
They pointed out that they had done due diligence with the Lands Commission and some traditional authorities before they agreed to purchase the house from Mr Koffie.

The businessman and woman lamented that they were surprised that after they had spent huge monies to renovate the house, this self seeking politician had arrogantly came to take over their property.
"We are using this medium to plead with President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to, immediately intervene in our matter because the continuous bad practices of this politician by way of seizing individuals landed properties from them are affecting our businesses in Tarkwa.

"We are stressing that this politician is making President Akufo-Addo and the NPP government unpopular in Tarkwa and its adjoining communities. We are stating that it is high time for the national executives of the NPP to ensure that they advised this politician to stop that criminal habit," the couple stressed.