Amoako Atta will tow NPP to opposition over Bantama Roads - Assembly Member fumes

The Assemblymember of Bantama Ahenbronum has warned that if Hon Amoako Atta does not treat Bantama roads transformation as urgent, lots of residents will substitute the NPP for the opposition National Democratic Congress.

Amoako Atta will tow NPP to opposition over Bantama Roads - Assembly Member fumes
Bantama Roads

Assemblymember of Bantama Ahenbronum Electoral Area, Hon Kwabena Boateng has taken a swipe at the Minister for Roads and Highways, Hon Kwesi Amoako Atta to be concerned with the deplorable nature of Bantama roads and act swiftly to resolve the challenge.

He has charged him not to treat awarded Bantama road contract as insignificant because failure to renovate the terrible highways in the constituency will cost the New Patriotic Party in the 2024 elections.

Hon Kwabena Boateng was very furious over the unacceptable state of Bantama roads when Soireenews spoke to him. He told that every indication points to the fact that the Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo’s is looking forward to resolving road network challenges in the Ashanti Region especially at Bantama yet the Road Minister is playing smart.

“The road minister cannot deny the fact that this road has been awarded to him and all expenses covered,” he said.

“I am an Assemblymember and I speak according to what I know which are factual. I dare him to come and deny if everything needed for the completion of Bantama roads has not been provided. Why is he playing smart? He should let the contractor start the work else he will feel our wrath.”

He further cautioned that if the NPP wants to break the eight and to structure Ghana as they claim, then it is expedient that people like Hon Amoako Atta are watched to go about their works. The Ahenbronum Assemblymember warned that if the state of Bantama roads is not transformed in three months time, lots of residents will substitute the NPP for the opposition National Democratic Congress.

“My advice to the Road Minister is that we are the eye of the elephant. He is not smarter than any resident of Bantama so he should be careful. He started works on the road before the elections and the moment NPP was declared winner, the contractor has abandoned the project, which he has a hand in.

“This attitude of the NPP will make a lot of people lose interest in the incumbent government. He should be very careful. It’s a disgrace to see Bantama this way and we are all sick and tired of this.”

A drain has been blocked by landowners which have worsened matters on the road, directing liquid waste to the middle of the terrible stretch and contributing to congestion. The Assemblymember who was not pleased with the situation express grief at the residents' attitude and have called on the Urban Roads and Environment Office to take drastic measures against offenders.

"I have taken various steps to help resolve this challenge. I have informed the sub metro engineer who also engaged the urban roads. The whole challenge is the failure of the rains to flow through the drains. Two houses through litigation have blocked the gutter, leading other residents to redirect their gutters to the roads.

“Urban roads will take care of landowners who have blocked the drains. The Environmental Office at the sub metro will be brought to access the situation. If they have to be served a notice for court, they have to. “We want the road to be started in less than three months if the road Minister wants peace. If care is not taken, the road minister will bring the collapse of the party. This is my advice.”