A Kumawood actor seeks my death - Long face

Kumawood actor, Long face has confessed that his bedridden situation is caused by someone in the local movie industry.

A Kumawood actor seeks my death - Long face
Long Face

Kuma wood actor, Long face is reported to be confined to bed.

The infirmed actor speaking to Quoo Fante in a video interview has confessed that someone in the movie industry is working against him.

The actors' word is an indication that someone is seeking for his death and tried various means to end his life had it not being God's intervention.

The comic actor and Master of Ceremonies has been incapacitated for six days and in his interview, uttered that his condition has been worse for the past days.

Per the narration of the Ghanaian artiste, Long Face said he collapsed at an event he went together with a couple of friends last Saturday evening.



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According to him, upon reaching the venue for their event which was a hangout, the MC who was running the show was not putting up his best which led to his friends charging him to go and take over from the wack MC. Initially, he resisted but later went on stage to take the microphone. He started to do his thing.

He was reported to have collapsed and was rushed home. He was then taken to a herbalist the next day and has been on traditional medicine since.

"I called the man who invited me to the program and told him of my misfortune. He told me that someone is responsible for my ailment.

"He came to my house with dropping and they took me to a spiritualist to treat me. He spoke to the water goddess and after a whole lot of sacrifices, he spoke the name of the one responsible for my ailment. He works in the industry.

"According to the Spiritualist, I wouldn't have lasted for three days if it had affected any other part of my body," he said.