What Causes Watery Sperm

Some causes of watery sperm in men

What Causes Watery Sperm

Watery sperm might be more common than you think.

The male sperm is normally thick, white liquid that is produced naturally. However certain medical conditions and lifestyle factors can change the colour.

What does the watery sperm look like? It does not have a thick texture and it can be caused by these,

1. There is an excessive amount of intercourse

Watery sperm can be produced as a result of frequent intercourse. If you masturbate multiple times a day, the quality of your sperm will certainly decline after the first release. It may take your body many hours to create a typical, healthy amount of sperm.

2. Sugar

Excess sugar intake has also been linked to watery male reproductive cells. Eating too much-refined sugar weakens the body system, which hurts the health of your reproductive cells.

3. An excessive amount of alcohol is consumed

Alcohol can destroy your kidney, heart, brain, and other vital organs in your body system, in addition to affecting the integrity of your reproductive cells. Alcohol can impact fertility by changing the number, size, shape, and motility of reproductive cells.

According to the study, too much alcohol use reduces fertility by lowering testosterone, follicle-stimulating hormone, luteinizing hormone, and estrogen levels, all of which diminish the formation of male cells.