Wendy Shay walks out of Accra FM interview with Nana Romeo.

Artiste storms out in anger after host threatened to show proof that she’s dating her manager.

Wendy Shay walks out of Accra FM interview with Nana Romeo.
Wendy Shay

Ghanaian artiste and Rufftown Records signee, Wendy Shay, has just stormed off a live studio interview with Nana Romeo on Accra FM.

The singer angrily exited the show after Nana Romeo pressed about her alleged affair with manager, Bullet.

Nana Romeo claimed he had proof that Wendy Shay and Bullet were dating and was willing to show it to the world except Wendy Shay herself confesses.



“Ebony Reign’s fans Threatened to kill me” - Wendy Shay


Wendy denied the claim as she has been doing over the years but got to her boiling point when Nana Romeo accused of using her new release "Emergency" as a form of a love message to Bullet. The "All for You" hitmaker could no longer handle the barrage of questions and subsequently left the show abruptly.

Ironically, she was on the show to promote the new single "Emergency" with Bosom P-Yung which Nana Romeo claims is a love letter to Bullet.

Watch the interesting exchange below. 



Wendy Shay is also currently celebrating her two-year anniversary in the music scene, this, coupled with the promotion of her new song has made her actively attend interviews.

Leaving the show before the end of the program might mean a number of things, as her fans will point out that she was upset because Nana Romeo was being very disrespectful; her critics would note that she left maybe because he was getting closer to the truth.

Her manager, Bullet, has however said that he could not be dating Wendy Shay because he already vowed not to mix business with pleasure.

The truth, now, remains to be seen.