Unusual eating habits of Cecilia Marfo cause responses

Cecilia Marfo, a gospel singer from Ghana, has found herself in the spotlight once more, but this time it's because of a contentious video that was shared on social media.

Unusual eating habits of Cecilia Marfo cause responses

    Blogger Marigyata posted a video to Instagram showing some peculiar eating habits that have baffled viewers.

The gospel singer in the video moves quickly through the bread she's eating and the porcelain mug she's drinking from.

She takes up a porcelain dish of salad leaves and chews them in an impolite manner, which only serves to make the situation more bizarre. 

       Cecilia Marfo is preoccupied with her peculiar eating habits when she briefly stops and orders someone while still having food in her mouth .

       to see if the individuals they were anticipating were present.

Netizens jumped at the chance to express their ideas and opinions as the film gained popularity online.

Others expressed alarm over the gospel musician's behavior while others found the video humorous and fascinating.