Ghanaian women can’t do without Ghanaian men - Iona Reine

Artiste, Iona Reine, advises Ghanaian women to open up about the need for security from Ghanaian men

Ghanaian women can’t do without Ghanaian men - Iona Reine
Iona Reine

Iona Reine has admitted that every Ghanaian woman needs a Ghanaian man by her side.

According to her, from her experience as a divorced woman, it is not true when a woman says that she can do everything by herself to buttress the point that she does not need a man by her side.

She said this an interview with Foster Romanus on the Late Nite Celebrity Show on eTV Ghana.

“In God’s own wisdom, He created a man first and then he added the woman. God could have created the woman first and left her there but even the man who was created as a whole was not supposed to be alone, how much more the woman who was created from a rib picked from his side. You are dependent on him”.


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"To be married for five (5) years and leave is no joke. But I am not sure I want to marry anytime soon”.

“Men can break our hearts and all but we still need them in our lives. Not just for the sex but their warmth”.

Iona Reine is a singer, songwriter, performer and a professional midwife. She ventured into music only about a year ago and she already has eight songs to her name.

Her songs include ‘Soy la Reine’, ‘Late Kwadwo Wiafe’ and ‘Someha’, among others, which can be found on her YouTube channel and other music streaming platforms. Iona was nominated at this year’s VGMA under the ‘New Artiste of the year’ category.