Stop Killings and Brutalities of innocent Ghanaians - GBA warns Soldiers and Police

According to the statement, the manner in which the security force of Ghana is failing to live up to its responsibility of protecting the Ghanaian citizen must be addressed and rectified.

Stop Killings and Brutalities of innocent Ghanaians - GBA warns Soldiers and Police

The Ghana Bar Association (GBA) has noted with increasing concern and trepidation acts of violence that have been carried out by some Security Agencies recently.

In a statement signed and issued by the National President of GBA, Mr Anthony Forson Jnr, the Association noted with great disquiet the violence unleashed by security operatives in the Techiman South Constituency during the 2020 elections, which resulted In the death of two people while several others sustained injuries.

It asserted that the use of firearms in the Ablekuma Central Constituency by a National Security operative and an unidentified soldier resulting in death and physical injuries in the course of the 2020 elections is unacceptable.
According to the statement, the conduct of personnel of the Ministry of National Security with respect to journalists of City FM / City on 11th May 2021. In that regard, the manner and mode of arrest employed by the said personnel was objectionable and unacceptable.

The death of two persons and injuries suffered by others following clashes between residents of Ejura and security personnel on 29th June 2021; and Armed military personnel molesting and brutalising residents on the streets of Wa on 1 st July 2021. Undeniably the behaviour of the military personnel in Wa on the 1st of July was extremely unprofessional, offensive and reprehensible.

In the instances stated above, the statement said the conduct of the personnel of the Security Agencies was cruel and unacceptable. Security Agencies must be professional in the discharge of their duties. Under no circumstances should they have subjected people to such brutalities. 

The statement noted that their actions culminated in the loss of lives and also caused injuries to others and we hereby condemn unreservedly these unfortunate events.

"The GBA has by its statements issued in the past, condemned persons who attack people regardless of the cause and [he Bar hereby restates its condemnation issued on 29th June 2018, 21st July 2018, 27th October 2018, and 4th February 2019 respectively.

"We have taken note of the various statements issued by the relevant Security Agencies and the investigations that are in progress. We trust the investigations will be thorough, swift and fair and those found culpable will be duly punished.

"Under no circumstances should operatives of the Security Agencies under the pretext of maintaining peace, manhandle and assault people or use physical force which sometimes results in the death of the victims. The rule of law must prevail at all lines in our dear country," the statement concluded.