Stand Your Ground and Showcase your Talent - Hallie Sumney to Upcoming Actresses

Actress, Haillie Sumney, tells upcoming actresses that they do not have to sleep around to make it in the industry

Stand Your Ground and Showcase your Talent - Hallie Sumney to Upcoming Actresses
Haillie Sumney

Hailllie Sumney has declared that an actress can make it in the movie industry without sleeping around if she puts her mind and talent to work.

She explained that most girls that aspire to come to the industry think it's easy to be a superstar because it always looks easy on TV, therefore when they get in and see it's not easy they cave and start to look for the easy way.

According to her, sleeping around is the easy way and doing that makes it more difficult for other female acts who aren't ready to compromise their standards.

Females who come thinking acting is a pun overnight success will quickly find out that ‘Not all that glitters is gold’ because to get to the highest point in acting, a lot of hard work and dedication is required she stated. 

“A lot of people, especially young ladies, think that we just dress up, and go for red carpet events, wearing makeup and looking pretty every day but sometimes we can be on set till 3 or 4 am, tired and hungry so you need to know if you really want to go into it and if it is your passion. If you don’t have a passion for it, once you get into it, you’re going to be disappointed."

“I’ve heard some things and they make it look like it’s so easy for ladies to get into acting because they can sleep their way through but if you really have the talent, you shouldn’t let anyone push you over or take advantage of you. You should stand your ground and showcase your talent, and the rest will speak for itself”,

Hailie Sumney said this on the Late Nite Celebrity Show which airs on e.TV Ghana to host Foster Romanus.