Amerado: It's my duty to keep the rap genre going

The current VGMA best rapper of the year, Ghanaian rapper Amerado, has stated his dedication to preserving the rap subgenre in the music business.

Amerado: It's my duty to keep the rap genre going

Amerado said he believes it is his duty to encourage and promote upcoming artists in the industry during an MX24 TV interview.

Yes, without a doubt. I have a great deal of responsibility, which is how I've been able to open doors for fresh talent. I provide them beats, prod them into rapping, and then I upload their performances to my TikTok. I think I'm also shining a light on them in my own way, and these films frequently get at least over 100,000 views," he said.

Amerado also discussed how crucial it is for artists to preserve their individual brand identities. He underlined the significance of having a distinct vision, direction, and brand characteristics for artists. He advised artists to forge their own routes to success as opposed to trying to imitate other people's tactics.

I wish I could speak for everyone, but I believe that having a brand attribute—what you stand for and what you believe in—is essential for artists. You require a vision. You must have a plan and be guided. You can't say that to me because he took this path to success. Your stars will shine there, he suggested.

He used the examples of famous artists like Sarkodie, who raps in Twi and has won two BET awards, and Angelique Kidjo, who sings in her home tongue and has won a Grammy. Focus on sustainability, make good professional investments, and forge your own road to success, was Amerado's unambiguous advice to artists.

He emphasized the necessity of establishing clear agendas and luring investors who can contribute their experience and resources to the industry's growth in order to promote collaboration among artists and industry stakeholders. Amerado's observations highlight his dedication to advancing not only his personal career but also the entire music industry.