We can't allow our peace to be ruined - Arch Bishop Daniel Yinkah

The Kumasi Council of Christian Churches embarked on a prayer exercise towards the upcoming elections.

We can't allow our peace to be ruined - Arch Bishop Daniel Yinkah
Prof Daniel Yinkah Sarfo

The Metropolitan Anglican Arch Bishop, Prof. Daniel Yinkah Sarfo has cautioned people seeking to make the friendly nature of Ghana ineffective during the election to have a change of mind since they would never be able to endure the adversity should they start a war out of ignorance.

According to him, nations who undermined their peaceful association through elections have been threatened with physical consequences of war including long-term physical and psychological harm to children and adults, as well as a reduction in material and human capital.

“I was once a major in the army and have witnessed the drastic effect of war on countries through elections. We just don’t want that to happen in our nation. Our vision is to pray for peace and solidarity through the elections,” he added.

The Kumasi Council of Christian Churches on Friday, November 13, 2020, embarked on a prayer exercise towards peaceful elections at the St. Cyprains Anglican Cathedral at Fante New Town in the capital of the Ashanti Region.

The program themed, “Pray for the Peace of Ghana” was inspired by Jeremiah 29:7 which encouraged believers to seek peace and prosperity of the city they reside through prayers because the nation's prosperity is the affluence of the people.

Arch Bishop Daniel Yinkah prayed that a peaceful Ghana is the fortune of its inhabitants therefore political diversities must not curtail the love enjoyed by citizens.


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“Ghana must remain peaceful regardless of who is president and parliamentarian. For 20 years now, God has been good to us and listens to our prayers. We are embarking on fasting and prayers purposely for God to see us through and we believe He has heard our cry,” he said.

“We want our members to be agents of peace for the 2020 elections and it has been our mandate for more than 20 years now as believers. Democracy is about jaw jaw and not war war. I advise violators to end their evil plot because the Holy Spirit is the protector of the nation and will expose them if they pursue.

"This is our constitutional right and we must exercise it in peace to make Ghana strong again,” he added.

The Director of Jackson Educational Complex, Mrs Theodosia Jackson advised that Ghanaians must uphold the harmony between each other and quit the brutal talks which easily sparks conflict.

He condemned politicians phrase of calling their fellows ‘opponents’ saying that, “people at war see others as enmities, a case different from same citizens seeking for power. Whatever the case, after the election, we will be one people again.”

“Let’s stop creating fear and panic and encourage people to partake in the voting because it's their rights as Ghanaians,” she added.