NPP brought massive developments yet we were not recognized – Madam Tangoba Abayage

The former Regional Minister says she was stunned to see the NPP lose following the works of the party in the region.

NPP brought massive developments yet we were not recognized – Madam Tangoba Abayage
Madam Tangoba Abayage

Former Regional Minister of the Upper East, Madam Tangoba Abayage says she is yet to come to terms with the cause of the New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) poor performance particularly in the parliamentary election in the Region.

The Upper East Region has been a beneficiary of unparalleled developmental policies and projects under the NPP’s government led by President Akufo-Addo and therefore, it was the belief of the party that the achievements of its government together with her ability to unite the party in the region will increase its electoral fortunes in the region yet that was not so.

The former Regional Minister has revealed that with the good initiatives made under the New Patriotic Party to empower the region, constituents should have acknowledged the NPP through the polls.

"I was left in the dark as to why the party performed abysmally especially in the parliamentary elections in the Upper East Region," she expressed.


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"One thing I know is that with my two years in office, we didn’t have all the serious rancour and fighting but had peace. I had a very good working relationship with regional executives. I ensured that my DCEs worked well with the party. I delivered on my mandate and I’m proud of the achievements that I chalked as a Regional Minister.

"So we were thinking that with what we had done in regards to the Planting for Food and Jobs, free SHS and the works in the districts will translate into votes. If you go to the districts, the number of works that this government have done on the ground in this region, it is remarkable. We’ve never had that kind of development in any district,” she stated

Madam Abayage entreated supporters of the party to resist from apportioning blames at each for the poor performance of the party as such acts could bring rancour and divisions within the NPP.

She said the rank and file of the party should be happy that their government has been retained.

James Adombire, Upper East Regional Correspondent