Most Female Celebrities Are Into Money Rituals-Bishop Ajagurajah

Bishop Ajagurajah has revealed that most women are now into money rituals than men.

Most Female Celebrities Are Into Money Rituals-Bishop Ajagurajah

The founder and leader of the Ajagurajah Movement, Bishop Ajagurajah, has dropped a bombshell that has caused a massive stir on the internet.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Fiifi Pratt on Kingdom FM, Bishop Ajagurajah asserted that Ghanaian women are now into the money ritual ‘’Sika Duro’’ more than their male counterparts.

Continuing with his explosive expose, Bishop Ajagurajah opened up that some of these women use the toilet of their boyfriends for rituals to boost their wealth.

He further narrated that some ladies now travel to Cameroon to bathe in a sacred river for the “Do As I Say” command – And that is what they use on their sugar daddies to buy them all the expensive cars and mansions.

Bishop Ajagurajah confessed that he was given this tip-off by a lady who is a member of this occultic society full of women hungry to become rich by all means.

The controversial man of God additionally alleged that most of our female celebrities belong to this secret society and they use feces for their rituals plus other things.

Recall that a few months ago, an anonymous user on Snapchat accused a majority of our female celebrities of traveling to Dubai to eat in the toilet of some Dubai millionaires.

This revelation went rife on the internet and accusing fingers were pointed at some known celebrities.