DAF, APP signs MoU to reunite over 5,000 diasporans to their home

Afro descendants believe that the day will be an emotional moment where real healing is expected to take place.

DAF, APP signs MoU to reunite over 5,000 diasporans to their home

As part of the innovative plans to reunite folks in the diaspora with their ancestral homeland, the Diasporan African Forum(DAF) has signed a memorandum of understanding with the African Pride Portfolios(APP).

The MoU which will serve as a unique platform to bridge the long-existing barrier between those in the diaspora and those in the traditional ancestral soil is one of it kind.

The precise but significant event which came off last Wednesday, August 16, 2023, at the DAF Secretariat inside the Du Boi Centre in Accra, will lay the foundation for the take-off of the unique project.

The project will seek to ship home over 5,000 fellows from theAfro-Braziliann diaspora.

At a press conference to address the media about the initiative, the Co-Founders of the African Pride Portfolio(APP) explained the motive behind the initiative.

The first plan will be rolled out on 25 May 2024 when some 5,000 Afro-Brazilians will be expected to touch their home soils.

May 25, Ms Carolina Marira Morais recounted that, is a very sensitive year as it marks the last year of the decade of Afro-descendants by UNESCO.

Afro-descendants believe that the day will be an emotional moment where real healing is expected to take place.

Healed from over 400 years of isolation, rejection, maltreatment, starvation, sexual molestations, forced marriages and fundamental human rights abuses of all forms will be buried in the soils of Africa.

"Folks, welcome home". While a chunk of the folks in the Brazilian diaspora are expected to reconcile with their families in Ghana, Nigeria others, will go beyond the shores of Ghana.

The period will be the most emotional time on the continent of Africa where tears of joy will brew from the Black African Pot-the pot from which the African drink.

The return of the Afro Brazilian will allow them to access the grounds for investment in any sector of the economy deemed appropriate on African soil, she noted.

"It will be a new dawn in the whole of Africa where a loud shout of "we have our freedom will be held".

"We are African, from Africa, and will be super elated to be reunited on our homeland soil where our ancestry can be traced to", Ms. Carolina Marira Morais, Co-Founder, of African Pride Portfolio, emotionally averred.

The motivation, according to Ms Corolina Maira Morais to reunite with Africa, has been a matter in the heart of His Majesty Oni Ile Ifé, His Imperial Majesty whose dream it has been to see Africans return home.

Professor Oni Ile Ifé disclosed knows that Africans must unite with their families one day and be healed, an event that has the potential to change the world and its dynamics.

Explaining why over 5,000 AfroBraziliansn are coming in one ship, she said quite the same way they were carried away unwillingly to a land they know nothing about in fear, pain,n, and anguish, they will be excited to cruise back home adding, "We were carried away in one ship, the same way we are coming home in one ship.

"Welcome home, Africans-our brothers and sisters"! On his part, Ajoyemi Osunleye, Co-Founder of the African Pride Portfolio acknowledged the possibility of resistance in accepting their own but, time will iron out all those differences when the indigenous people get to appreciate the need and what it brings to the returnees.

He said the attitude of the two sides will play a major role and form the basis for rejection amongst African to accept their own. H,e however, noted with optimism adding, "Gradually with symposia, conferences, lectures, we will get there".

Citing a scenario where two brothers were born to a parent who used to live together then, suddenly, one was kidnapped away for over 400 years, it will not be easy to accept the same brother when reunited.

He, however, appealed to the African communities to accept with ease their own to enable them to heal.

This initiative comes on the back of the attainment of the recognition of over two hundred and fifty milliondiasporansn through a flag that was hoisted amidst others like the African Union, the Ghana flag,g, and the Diasporan African Forum(DAF).

The signing event recalled sad moments forcing tears down.