Media Censorship by Chiefs in a Constitutional era: Banishing Citizens of Ghana, Prince-Derek Adjei writes

What is wrong is wrong whether Manhyia Otumfour and his Asanteman Traditional Council or Ada Traditional Council.

Media Censorship by Chiefs in a Constitutional era: Banishing Citizens of Ghana, Prince-Derek Adjei writes

What is wrong is wrong, regardless of who does it, Manhyia, Otumfuor, and his Asanteman Traditional Council or the Ada Traditional Council. All who have been entrusted with the Land and resources of the People have a fiduciary duty to be accountable to the People.

The new Land Law ACT1036 enjoins all Chiefs to be accountable to the People and must be put under scrutiny, those who don't want to be scrutinized can abdicate or be destooled by the people.

There is absolutely no legal basis for the unconstitutional demand for the shutdown of a media house or preventing any media house demanding accountability from operating by a chief in their Traditional area.

The deployment of thugs to vandalize media houses or offices of perceived opponents is criminal and must be investigated and all involved prosecuted.

If Ghanaians allow these acts of impunity to be normalized, and the Constitutional Rights to free expression and media freedom to be curtailed by extrajudicial means either by the State or Chiefs or Thugs, then Ghana has indeed arrived at the Banana Republic destination.

When students riot and vandalize property, they reflect what society accepts when done by their elders... Students of the University of Ghana and the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology cannot be punished while the Chiefs in their respective regions are allowed to behave like there is no law in Ghana.

Nobody is above the constitution, neither Odike nor the Chiefs are above the law, and the attempt to silence critics by introducing a culture of Silence is unacceptable.

Galamsey is real, the Ashanti Regional Minister has confirmed that Galamsey in the Ashanti Region is on the ascendancy.

Chiefs are reportedly involved in Galamsey, and it is only investigation rather than anger that will resolve which Chiefs are guilty or innocent of the alleged complicity in Galamsey. Some Eastern Region Chiefs are involved in the Galamsey business.

The Deputy Minister of Lands and Mineral Resources, George Mireku Duker was reported to have been behind a Galamsey Gang War resulting in deaths and injuries by Citi FM yet there has been no investigation nor a statement by the President on such a serious allegation against his appointee, just like the Charles Bissiu Galamsey Bribe taking at the Office of the President, Prof. Frimpong-Boateng and Ekow Ewusi Party NuHiaSika Excavator Scandal and the Aisha Huang nolle prosequi.

President Akufo Addo has lost the Fight Against Galamsey adversely affecting 82% of farmlands including Ghana's major cash crop Cocoa, key rivers, and water bodies resulting in a hike in food inflation and a high cost of treatment of water for consumers.

There must be a comprehensive Public Parliamentary Enquiry into the Galamsey Fight highlighting the role of Chiefs, the Military, the Office of the President, Politicians, and the various Anti-Galamsey Taskforces in undermining the failed fight against Galamsey.

The evidence of Chinese Galamseyers being shielded by the Military as shown on Joy News TV must be examined.

Until the outcome of the Public Enquiry and a solution found to the Galamsey menace and its resultant high water treatment cost, the Utility Tariffs announced by the PURC must be suspended. Ghanaians are resolved to be Citizens and not Spectators.