Kanayo O. Kanayo says that the entertainment business shouldn't be used to advance corporate sex work

Veteran Nollywood performer Kanayo O. Kanayo has emphasized the necessity for originality and talent development in the African film business instead of providing a platform for promoting homosexuality, corporate sex work, and Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL).

Kanayo O. Kanayo says that the entertainment business shouldn't be used to advance corporate sex work

 The renowned actor argued that Nollywood in particular, as well as the African film business as a whole, should be a breeding ground for developing talents rather than a shelter for amateurs or people pursuing endeavors unrelated to their roles and skills.

The seasoned actor said in a recent interview on Afia TV that while everyone is welcome in the film industry, people should make sure they truly have a passion and calling for performing.

BBL, or the enlarging of the bum, should not be encouraged in Nollywood. People running for office should not be allowed in Nollywood. Money from tourists should not be stolen in hotels on the grounds of Nollywood. These Nollywood actresses are not a justification for homosexuality or lesbianism.It serves as a creative outlet.

The Nollywood industry is not a place to study acting. Many people visit Nollywood to pick up acting skills. You should enter the field in order to develop and perfect your talent. After learning that Genevieve [Nnaji] is a millionaire and Omatola is a billionaire, many girls would borrow wigs and come off as someone else.

"Each of us has a different sector. Everyone is welcome, but you should first determine whether acting is your calling. You are not an actress just because your neighbor thinks you can act. To enter Nollywood, you must have some schooling.

"Whether you studied medicine and want to be an actor doesn't really matter. But for the love of God, don't come here because you are having trouble; your business stopped expanding. Because the majority of individuals start acting after their businesses fail. No na. You need to have worked for seven years before you can call yourself a doctor. For six years, I worked to become a lawyer. What makes you believe that you would just come and say that you want to act.

"You know what occurs these days? Whether you're alright or not, if you're a girl. Because they want to use your Jeep [SUV] endlessly in that movie and another movie, they [filmmakers] will want you to become an actor.

You will be assigned one role to play.People brag about the sector because some people want to sell sex, sell their bodies, do this, and other things. Additionally, it's not good for the sector.

Everyone is welcome, though. However, Instagram Stars are the ones tarnishing the industry's reputation. And I don't want anyone to join them because they only have a short shelf life.