I Have Considered US$2.5 M Bribery Allegations Against Me To Be A Job Hazard--Haruna Iddrisu Fires Back At Accusers

In a press statement copied to Soireenews.com, the MP vehemently denied these allegations and categorically refute any implication of wrongdoing. 

I Have Considered US$2.5 M Bribery Allegations Against Me To Be A Job Hazard--Haruna Iddrisu Fires Back At Accusers

THE MEMBER of Parliament (MP) Member of Parliament for Tamale South Constituency of the Northern Region, Honourable Haruna Iddrisu has vehemently responded to the US$2.5 million allegations levelled against him which has gone viral in social media  platforms.

In a press statement copied to Soireenews.com, the MP vehemently denied these allegations and categorically refute any implication of wrongdoing. 

"This unfounded allegation not only seeks to tarnish my reputation but also undermines the trust and integrity of my office as the Member of Parliament for the people of Tamale South," he stressed.

As a responsible member of parliament, he indicated that he was committed to upholding the highest standard of ethics and transparency, adding that I have always conducted myself with integrity and have never engaged in any form of corrupt behaviour.,

In light of these unfounded claims, he  demanded  that the accuser provide concrete evidence to support their accusations. 

He emphasized any allegation of corruption must be backed by factual evidence rather than mere speculation or hearsay.

According to the former majority leader, his attention has been drawn to the above-titled publication published on 13 May 2024, by News24, a South African news website on its portal, www.news24.com. 

In my long public service career, I have grown accustomed to being the subject of false publications that seek to impugn my reputation, or in one way or the other, implicate me in matters that I am clueless about. 

Generally, I have considered attempts of this nature to be a hazard of the job and have usually ignored them. 

However, the allegations contained in this particular publication, which has sought to implicate me in bribery allegations, which according to News24, in an attempt to cover up, has led to the death of two persons, are so grave that I cannot help but respond.

In this publication, I have been described as “the Singhs’ closest associate” and described as being responsible for brokering contracts worth over GH¢400 million to their company, Ghana Infrastructure Company (“GIC”), in exchange for money.

In making these allegations which I do not take lightly, New24, after its supposedly painstaking investigation, fails to show that I indeed received any monies from the Singhs’ or GIC. 

All it resorts to are fabrications and colourful storytelling in its attempts to forcefully include me in its publication. I am neither a director nor a shareholder of GIC, neither am I involved in its management.

In all, even though I am alleged to have received Forty-Seven Million Rand (R47 million), the breakdown of the alleged receipts shows the fanciful nature of the allegations made by New24, following its supposedly elaborate investigation.

Payments that were made to one Asumah Dokurugu, GIC’s director in Ghana, various suppliers, and political campaigns are for some reason being attributed to me without any basis. New24 also seeks to forcefully implicate me on an irrational basis regarding the association of my name to the Haruna Institute. For the record, the Haruna Institute does not operate a bank account and only survives on members' contributions.

Finally, in its desperation, News24, further states that GIC paid for the construction of my house and funded several foreign trips for me. Conspicuously missing in all these claims, is any suggestion or claim that there is any proof that I received these alleged payments, betraying the bad faith intent of the publication, which has sought to put square pegs in round holes just to use my name to create traction for its portal.

To be clear, and for the avoidance of doubt, I have never at any point in time, received personally, directed to be paid to, benefited from, or been aware of, any unlawful, illegal or immoral payments made by either GIC or the Singhs. Also, I have never brokered any deals to benefit GIC and/or the Singhs.

Curiously, News24 in trying to create the impression that it reached out to me for comments, indicates that I ignored posts on my active social media pages. This further shows the bad faith approach, and honestly, puts in question the supposedly in-depth nature of its investigation. 

I have had occasion in the past to publicly indicate that I have no social media accounts and that the general public should disregard any accounts associated with my name. 

A simple Google search on my social media presence leads you to several posts by media outlets on this. It is therefore questionable that a supposedly reputable media outlet would after using its hallowed investigative skills, seek to reach me through social media accounts unrelated to me.

I do not know what may have motivated this false and unjustified attempt to denigrate my image, but rest assured that I do not intend to treat these false allegations lightly. I have promptly referred this matter to my lawyers and eagerly await their advice on the next steps to be taken. It is time that we held media outlets to high journalistic standards and quell the abuse of journalistic privileges. I will not succumb to cheap blackmail.


Honourable Haruna Iddrisu