I’m not an occultist to sacrifice my artistes -Bullet

Accusations that Ricky Nana Agyemang, also known as Bullet, is an occultist who sacrifices his artists while they are at the height of their fame have angered the CEO of RuffTown Records.

I’m not an occultist to sacrifice my artistes -Bullet

Following Wendy Shay's accident on Sunday, the claim that her manager practices occultism has been revived, but Bullet finds such remarks demoralizing.

In 2018, the late Ebony, who was then signed to Bullet's Ruff Town Records, passed away in a car accident, but Wendy Shay narrowly missed death in a comparable circumstance.

The former member of the musical group Ruff and Smooth remarked in an interview with Andy Dosty on Daybreak Hitz that it is terrible that people assume he kills his artists after investing much in their careers. He works very hard to get them to the top.

"I've seen videos of pastors claiming that I practice occultism. claiming I'm trying to give up my artist and a lot of other things.

"Andy, you know how difficult this work is, so tell me who will put time, money, and everything else into a performer, and when the time comes to reap, who will kill or sacrifice the performer."

I'm able to comprehend them. They are free to say anything they want, but I can assure you that, between myself and God, I am a good person. I have never visited a juju location, and I am not involved in any occult practices. Jesus Christ is all I know, he said.

Bullet assured Wendy Shay of proper medical care and stated that he is working diligently to rectify such sad events. Wendy Shay is anticipated to be flown to Germany for additional medical testing, according to Bullet.