I want to leave my mark on the world – Fadu

Fast rising Ghanaian-Dutch-born artiste, Fadu’s dream is to set a global mark with her music.

I want to leave my mark on the world – Fadu

 She is determined to fulfill this goal, so she will do anything to do so.

Following the debut of her brand-new single, Yah Luv, the 22-year-old musician, of Ghanaian and Nigerian descent, revealed her aspirations.

Although she realized that it would not be an easy undertaking, she was optimistic that perseverance and drive would enable it to be accomplished.

A reggae song called Yah Luv, recorded by Linkin Beats, talks about "true love" between two people, whose love can only be replaced by "Jah."

At The Hague University of Applied Science in the Netherlands, Fadus studies law.

According to her statement to Graphic Showbiz, her academics won't stand in the way of her attempts to have a significant effect with her music career.

In order to give my fans in Ghana the finest possible experience, I gave up my vacation time when I traveled to Ghana in December 2022 to work on my new song with Ghanaian beat maker Linkin Beat

"So far, the response has been fantastic and has been a great motivation to further pursue my big music dreams," she stated

Three of Fadu's singles, Go Away, Feelings, and Number One, are already available on all digital platforms. Fadu is handled by movie producer/director Ato Yanney Jnr of Gatlink Music.

She is working on potential collaborations with some of the well-known artists in Ghana and Nigeria to further strengthen her brand and relevancy at home. She is very optimistic about a bright future in the music industry.