How Golden Movie Awards Organisers Cheated - Eddie Nartey

Actor, Eddie Nartey, accuses Golden Movie Awards of changing names backstage

How Golden Movie Awards Organisers Cheated - Eddie Nartey
Eddie Nartey

Eddie Nartey has accused organizers of the Golden Movie Awards of changing names of recipient backstage in the recently held award show.

The award scheme which took place on December 21st 2020, has been called out for its shadiness in giving awards out by the actor and movie director.

He said this in an interview with Miss Gee on the entertainment segment of New Day on TV3.

According to him, he was informed about the changing of names by another person who claimed to have seen the act goes down.

“The Golden movie awards is one of the credible movie awards I have always loved and have always marked correct but I don’t think they should be going this way because in the auditorium they were changing names backstage.


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“There was a lady on my sit whose name I would like to keep anonymous who went to present an award but what she had there was changed at the backstage and a few people called to tell me that they were indeed changing names.”

“even if wasn’t eligible for any of the awards what went on shouldn’t have happened because of credibility.”

He went further noted he has still not been presented with plagues he won from the Ghana Movie Awards since 2019.