Ga South Assembly Accused  Of Giving Permits To Illegal Land Developers-To Build  Houses In Waterways Which Has Caused Perennial Foods

Ga South Assembly Accused  Of Giving Permits To Illegal Land Developers-To Build  Houses In Waterways Which Has Caused Perennial Foods
CHIEF EXECUTIVE Officer (CEO) of Medium Dwellings Company Limited, the developer of
Beach Drive Estate, the real estate company  located at Tuba in Ngleshie Amanfro Constituency , Mr Josiah Arku-Korsah, has accused the leadership of Ga South Municipal Assembly for contributing to floodings situation in New Mataheko, Ngleshie Amanfro, Kalabule and Tuba Junction areas in the municipality of the Greater Accra Region.

He pointed out that the New Mataheko, Ngleshie Amafrom, Kalabule, and Tuba Junction areas in Accra were seen with heavy built houses by illegal private developers (squatters), including churches who have built their houses without the appropriate building permits.
He indicated that the illegal building activities of these squatters have eventually blocked the main gutter from Tuba Hill Top area, which is meant to hold excess volumes of water flow during heavy rains.

According to Ghanaian famous seasoned estate developer, the Ga South Municipal Assembly should be held accountable for perennial floodings in these flood-prone areas in Accra because the Assembly was in league with these private developers to be building houses in the waterways and unauthorized places in these areas.

The estate developer who double as the former employee of the Bank of Ghana (BoG) minced no words when he accused the Ga South Assembly for not having a well designed Master Building or Original Plan of these areas.

"The Ga South Municipal Assembly has no Master or Original Land Plan for these areas within the Ga State, so l wonder why the Assembly still gives building permits to the people in these areas of the municipality to build.So it is the time for the central government to check these illegalities and transactions of the Assembly," he further advised.
According to him, the Master Land Plan is prerequisite of getting building permits to build a house.
Mr Korsah explained that the estate developing has not caused any flood in these areas as was being reported by the media which went viral on social media platforms.
He asserted that that the pieces of evidence available to them clearly indicates that the indiscriminate building activities of the illegal land developers with the supreme support of some workers of the Ga South Municipal Assembly have actually caused the perennial floods in these areas when it rains heavily. 
Mr Korsah's detailed explanations were in response to current allegations levelled against his company by thousands of residents including landlords and ladies at Kasoa-Kalabule and Tuba Junction of building estate houses to block their waterways.

The residents and landlords have pushed for the demolition of the buildings to end the flooding situation when it rains.
They mentioned that this long unending situation was adversely causing perennial floodings, resulting destruction of lives and properties of people living around Kalabule ,Tuber Junction, Chinese and other areas of Resurrection Power Ministry.

Speaking in an interview with the residents noted that a couple of months ago when there was a heavy downpour, the flooding water has killed one old woman who happens to be in her room.
The frightening phenomenon, they stressed has  angered the residents and opinion leaders in the area to petition the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) boss, Mr. Kwesi Agyemang,Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of Ga South Municipal Assembly, Mr.Joseph Nyarni Stephen, the Chief of Staff, the Member of Parliament (MP) for the area, Sylvester Tetteh to draw their attention but to no avail.

They said, series of letters has been sent to the Assembly,the office of Sylvester Tetteh, Kwesi Agyemang, Office of the Chief of Staff and the office of the MCE and individual stakeholders but they all turned deaf ears to their plights.
But in a quick response in a press conference held in Accra on Tuesday September 26, 2026, Mr Korsah called on the general public to disregard the media report which went viral on social media platforms to the effect that his estate houses have been causing perennial floods in Ngkeshie Amanfro, Tuba and Kalabule enclaves in the Ga South municipality.

He stressed that the residents of these areas who were peddling falsehood against him that his company built its estate houses to block their waterways hence causing floodings in their private houses got it wrong, saying that he followed due layout planning processes before he builds his estate houses in the area.

However, in a  fact finding mission to the area on Tuesday September 26, 2023, the journalists can report that the building structures of the estate houses of the company in the area were built on the properly designed layout plan since the developer has considered a relevant building master or original plan policies of the country.

The journalists can justified in their reportage corroborated with the genuine and legal land  title documents from the Lands Commission of Ghana that the estate developer has been the first person to settle on the said land at Tuba junction of Ngleshie Amanfro, Accra and that his company cannot be blamed for causing floods in these areas.

Mr Korsah explained that he has legally acquired the said land through the lease from the government of Ghana of where the Beach Drive Estate affordable houses were built after he struggled with many family members in the areas in Accra including New Mataheko, Ngleshie Amanfro, Tuba and Weija.
He indicated that eventually the government of Ghana saw that the development was visibly "so the government leased the land to him to build the estate affordable houses for the people.
He asserted that he started developing the land in the area since 2000, according  to the layout being approved by the Town and Country Planning Department.
He pointed out that prior to the starting of the construction of the affordable houses on the land, all the relevant state building regulatory authorities including Ghana Hydrological Authority (HYDRO) Hydro came to the site at Tuba junction to the assess the project to ensure that the development would not cause any inconvenience in the future. 

"And all these proper due diligences were legally and lawfully done by the state authorities. So l would to use this medium to state that since we have built and staying here in Tuba junction at Ngleshie Amanfro, we had not experienced any flood when it rains heavily.
" we have started experiencing serious floodings when Ga South Municipal Assembly  was established. These problems have all started when Ga South Municipal Assembly started issuing indiscriminate building  permits to the illegal people to build in the various authorized places and waterways," Mr Korsah angrily stated.
He indicated that the Assembly only gave building permits to these squatters without technical supervision, stressing that these illegalities being exhibited by the leaders of Ga South Municipal Assembly have brought all these flooding in these areas when its rains heavily.

"When we go home, some workers of the Ga South Municipal Assembly and squatters/ residents on the land entered into the area  punched on our estate fence walls to break the wall to create illegal ways for waters to pass through to the houses to the company built for its cherished clients. 
"Those we have given small road access to private houses around the premises of the estate had all turned against us by accusing us that we had rather caused floods in their areas by blocking access waterways. These mischievous attitudes  of these residents are bad, unfortunate and unacceptable. 
Per the company development, Mr Korsah explained that it is properly planned with access drains and gutters. 

"With the proper drainage done in the area of our affordable houses was to accommodate only water from the estate, so any external storm of water will cause a disaster to our people who had bought the houses from us," he explained. 
He revealed that all these residents who are claiming that they have the properties around had not even have genuine and legal land title documents covering their lands because this particular place is government of Ghana land.
"I wonder why the Ga South Municipality Assembly could issued building permits to these squatters and the Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) and Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) would gave these squatters utility facilities. 

"Because these areas in the Ga South Municipality are not planned. So you could see how the electricity poles have also  indiscriminately erected. What are saying is that all these illegalities are causing a lot of problems in our estate houses but the state authorities sat unconcerned," the seasoned estates developer fumed.
He disclosed that his estates contained about seven hundred and fifty (750) houses and that the occupants are legitimately people who have the grands from the government of Ghana through the Lands Commission.
"So if anybody are staying outside and said that our estate houses had caused serous floodings to private houses, it is their lack of knowledge of putting houses into areas which had not under the supervision of the Ga South Assembly that has caused the floods to their houses," Mr Korsah stressed.
"In fact if these illegal developers in these areas in the Ga South Municipality have any problem, it is better they should channel their problems to their grantors and the Ga South Municipal Assembly who illegally permitted them without doing due diligences of knowing that the people had not have good title to their lands.
 "I don't blame them too because it is clearly shows that because of the Assembly Internal Generated Fund (IGF), they were doing these transactions or things to pave ways for them to have money to ran administrative affairs of the Assembly," he noted.
"But lam sounding a strong warning to them that the Medium Dwelling Estate Company, Beach Drive Estate and my name, Mr Korsah should not be subjected to any confusion about the floodings situation in their areas," he warned.
He disclosed that "We have even decided that very soon all the exit points that we have considered people to use to the premises of the estate, we are going to take authority from the court and closed all of them."
He added that their people are individual personalities who are tenants of the government of Ghana, saying that they didn't want the central government to be subjected to any disgrace.
He maintained that"one should understand that the government will not grant or lease a land located at the waterlogged areas to the persons to develop for estate for human beings to occupy or live in so that assertion to be rolled out."
According to Mr Korsah, all that was needed now is for leadership of Ga South Municipal Assembly to stop their illegalities in regard of issuing permits to squatters/illegal land developers to build in the authorised places and waterways in these aforementioned areas in the Municipality.
"It is the high time for the Ministry of Local Government and Local  Development to ensure that the Ga South Municipal Assembly do it work properly. Because pieces of the evidence available in the Assembly showed that the workers in the Planning Department of the Ga South Assembly only grant building permits to people without to ensuring that where they are buildings are good or not good," he added.
Mr Korsah stressed that he ever ready to face anybody from the Ga South Municipal Assembly who may disgraced with what he was saying about the illegalities that the Assembly top officers have penpetrated in connection to the land permit transactions of the Assembly.
He suggested that it is a high time for the central government to allow the Town and Country Department to take responsibilities of issuing building permits to the land developers because the Assembly did not have the real experts to discharge this duty effectively and  efficiently.