Dismiss Old Tafo MCE Now Else We’ll Do It ourselves - Angry Pankrono Residents Tell Akufo-Addo

The Municipal Chief Executive has been accused of disrespecting his constituents.

Dismiss Old Tafo MCE Now Else We’ll Do It ourselves - Angry Pankrono Residents Tell Akufo-Addo
Dr Fred Obeng Owusu, MCE

Some infuriated residents of Pankrono in the Old Tafo Municipality of Ashanti region have asked President Nana Addo to dismiss their Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) as soon as possible.

The residents made up of traders and Trotro Drivers, totalling over six hundred (600) led by Mr Stephen Owusu have pronounced that the MCE for Old Tafo, Dr Fred Obeng Owusu is not fit to head the Tafo Municipal over again.

The Old Tafo MCE was appointed by President Akufo-Addo after the inauguration of the Old Tafo Municipal Assembly in 2018, March 15.
However, the residents claim they are disappointed in Dr Fred Obeng Owusu over his incompetence and have further accused him of disrespecting the people of Pankrono.

“The MCE has on numerous occasions’ disrespected people of Pankrono and we will not sit aloof and watch him bring the name of the Municipal into “disrepute”, according to the Pankrono residents.

They stated again that the MCE has sidelined Pankrono community in terms of infrastructural development ever since he assumed office.


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“The MCE has not done even a single project in Pankrono ever since he was appointed”, leader of the residents told Soireenews.com reporter Joseph Marfo in an exclusive interview.

They have further accused the MCE of being interested in holding positions rather than seeking the growth of the Old Tafo municipal.
“He doesn’t care about the development of this municipal. He’s only interested in seeking his own welfare and not we the citizens”.

They, however, have asked President Akufo-Addo to dismiss Dr Fred Obeng Owusu with immediate effect else they will forcibly do it themselves.

They are demanding that the MCE should be replaced by someone from Pankrono or any competent person within the Old Tafo municipal and further warned to embark on a violent demonstration should Akufo-Addo reappoints Dr Fred Obeng Owusu as Tafo MCE.

Joseph Marfo, Ashanti Regional Correspondent