Chiefs of Breman Ayipey fumes over construction of Water Hydrant by COCOBOD

All efforts to convince the contractor of his actions have fallen on deaf ears.

Chiefs of Breman Ayipey fumes over construction of Water Hydrant by COCOBOD
Construction of water hydrant

Chiefs and the people of Breman Ayipey in the Asikuma Odoben Brakwa District of the Central Region of Ghana have cautioned COCOBOD to halt the construction of a water hydrant on the Breman Ayipey road.

The Ghana COCOBOD has mandated a contractor to build a Water hydrant which will provide water to the Nursery Department of Ghana COCOBOD in the Asikuma Odoben Brakwa District.

The Odikro of Breman Ayipey, Nana Onyinfo Kwaku Anyan III spoke to Central Regional Correspondent of Soireenews, Abusuapanyin Kojo Ahinful on how works are distracting the flow of the main river which could easily create flood whenever there is a heavy downpour.

He enlightened that a pipe supplying the water has been laid across the main road, an action which would make their job vain for the reason that should a contractor start working on the road, the pipe will be broken to cease the water supply.


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"We are very angry with the contractor and the manner he is conducting his work. We are not against him yet his actions are rude. The contractor has laid a pipe across the main road and constructed a water hydrant in the middle of a gutter which has blocked the water from flowing in the main river," he said.

The Odikro discussed that he has visited the COCOBOD Department of Nursery to inform the District engineer of the challenge yet they have refused to take necessary actions.

He added that a second visit to the contractor himself contractor has proved futile angering his townsmen.

Story by Abusuapanyin Kojo Ahinful, Central Regional Correspondent