Akuapem Poloo Shares Decent Photos To Celebrate Sons Brithday

Akuapem Poloo has learned her lesson as she posts decent photos on her son's birthday.

Akuapem Poloo Shares Decent Photos To Celebrate Sons Brithday

Ghanaian actress and social media critic Rosemond Alade Brown popularly called Akuapem Poloo has learned a lot from her time in jail after sharing nude photos in front of her son.

Akuapem Poloo has got applause from her fans as she celebrates her son’s birthday in more decent photos this year.

Last year Poloo missed out on her son’s birthday because she was in jail for publicly sharing a nacked photo standing in front of the boy.

Nigeriaian actress, Akuapem Poloo celebrates son's birthday with nude photo

Social media users waited to see how the actress and socialite would celebrate her son after facing the law in its full power and going to jail.

Jail has reset Akuapem Poloo to default settings and she has shared decent photos and videos to celebrate her son this year.

She does not desire to face the harsh conditions and disgrace in a prison cell.

Poloo confessed in a birthday message to her son that he is her pride, love, and everything and added that he is the secret to her endless happiness.

She wrote; “Happy birthday @sonof_poloo, you are my Pride my love and everything, always remember you are braver than you believe, Stronger than you seem, Smarter than you think, And loved more than you know. Having you in my life is the secret to my endless happiness dear son. Happy birthday”.