Nana Addo's attack on John Jinapor; is an indication of where we have got to as a country-Godwin Ako Gunn writes

The NDC Deputy Communications Officer explains where the attack on one of their own.

Nana Addo's attack on John Jinapor; is an indication of where we have got to as a country-Godwin Ako Gunn writes

Ordinarily, I wouldn't have been bothered by Nana Addo's comments, and neither would I have been worried about the shame members of the NPP's communication team suffer on set.

Does a president appoint someone to serve the nation or to serve and meet the needs of some or a particular tribe? Was John Jinapor supposed to extend electricity to the whole country or he was appointed to serve the people of Yapei-Kusuwgu only? Under NDC, it didn't take an Akyem minister to provide water for the people of Kyebi, it didn't take a Ga minister to provide the Legon hospital, ridge hospital, or terminal 3 amongst others in Greater Accra.

Scanning through the appointments of Nana Addo, you can understand why his roads minister will have asphaltic roads leading to his farm and cemeteries in his hometown, while the main road leading to the hometown of its former General secretary, the late Sir John, Sakora Ono lies in ruins.

No wonder some members of Parliament have to be hooted and pelted with stones and water by angry NPP members to sink in their disappointments and neglect. Should I feel sorry for the minister of railways, who doesn't have a railway line to his hometown? The minister of aviation who doesn't have an airport in his region? The minister of housing with no housing project in his hometown? Ah !!! When a president thinks this way, you can't help but feel sorry for those who voted for him.

I am sure in his mind, he feels his minister of employment doesn't have unemployed people in his hometown, and the minister of sanitation must have littered his hometown with toilets and baths like Bawumia said in Twi "wo ni ara, wo be aware", to wit, 'you will bath after using the washroom'. It's sad to have a president with such a mindset. What have been his achievements as an MP and a minister under president Kuffour? When such minds want to break the eight-year change cycle with empty hands, we must all be prepared for a major showdown!!! Unfortunately, we are saddled by a party that sees governance as a joke, and not a serious business. Despite my pain and disappointment, I can only hope and pray for better days ahead. Kun Fa Yakun