A Nation Of 67 Years Of Independence Must Not Be A Puppet For US/European Blackmails And Manipulation Through Disguised Aid--Bismark Kwabla Kpobi Writes

Ghana just be liberated in  totality ; both PHYSICALLY and MENTALLY from Slavery.  

A Nation Of 67 Years Of Independence Must Not Be A Puppet For US/European Blackmails And Manipulation Through Disguised Aid--Bismark Kwabla Kpobi Writes
Bismark Kwabla Kpobi A Concerned Citizen of Ghana

As a citizen born on 6th March which happens to be the independence day for Ghana, I will be doing a lot of disservice to Ghana and myself for not standing for the principles and visions that gave us independence. 

A Country blessed with precious natural resources must not be threatened by manipulative threats from so called supper powers.

No wonder, many countries and their  citizens including my very self are having affinity for Russian President Putin and Russia for standing up against western monopoly; and I will even wish and pray Ghana one day align fully with Russian Government ( Soviet Union) if this slavery mentality of gagging and dictating to us doesn't stop in very near future.

Per the UN Charter, Peace, Dignity and Equality are its pivot, yet a sovereign nation as Ghana is being toyed about for standing for its morals and value system; where then is the equality and dignity and peace preached about by the United Nations??? 

How come Europeans and America have always been bullying African countries  because of  loans and stuffs they lend to us in benefits for better returns on investment through our natural resources?

Why must anything from Europe and America so much centred on Homosexual conditionalities ? I don't blame them much, rather our greedy and short-sighted  leaders who go cup in hands begging for peanuts despite having in abundance what it takes to build Ghana from our natural resources. 

Did I just hear our Finance minister telling us that if the president does assent to the Anti- LGBTQ++ Bill we shall not get loan from IMF??
Below are some obligations of the IMF:

The IMF's mission is to promote global economic growth and financial stability, encourage international trade, and reduce poverty around the world.

One of the IMF's most important functions is to make loans to countries that are experiencing economic distress to prevent or mitigate financial crises.

Now, juxtaposing their responsibilities as an association that we are a member, what then is our benefits if we must be denied help in time of economic distress because we don't allow pervasive lifestyles by some insane  individuals who think sleeping with animals or having sexual intercourse through human faecal mater is their birth right???.

It is high time the youth stood up against imposition from Europeans and America on African countries, also, protesting against our selfish and corrupt leaders whose actions and gluttonous unsatisfactory greed have pushed us into state of Mental Slavery after 67 years of Independence. 

European And US Governments must understand and be told that anything they have been  doing for Ghana is never free but Bilateral.

We pay interests on the loans we take, we allow them to have some privileges in Ghana, enjoy our hospitality and protocols without any dictates to them, why then do they think whatever they propose, whether good or bad, must be swallowed hook ,line and sinker ?

Your European Laws frowned on Polygamy, which affects many Africans in your country but they accepted it in good faith because they dare not contest it in court, yet you think your wayward lifestyles must be Oxygen source  for us in Ghana  and if we don't  accept we shall suffer from investors coming to Ghana?

Are your Investors truly coming for business or coming to spread insanity? Are your so called investors not doing businesses in Arab countries where LGBTQ++ activities have been highly prohibited??

I am humbly calling on all religious and traditional leaders in Ghana to support the call for the president to sign the Anti- LGBTQ++ Bill into law. We must never be exhibiting spirit of cowardice and timidity; Dr. Kwame Nkrumah wouldn't have gotten us this independence if he had allowed Visa and Scholarship baits to cloud his conscience and sense of reasoning. 

The time is now or never to end this conversation on LGBTQ++ foolishness in the country. 

Our leaders must start thinking outside the box on how to mobilise resources locally by cutting all corruption loopholes to help build Ghana with or without European or US loans. We have what they don't even have yet made it, how come we cannot??? 

Ghana just be liberated in  totality ; both PHYSICALLY and MENTALLY from Slavery.  

Enough is enough. Say No To European and US Influences on our Moral and Family Value System. For they don't have any culture and identity hence they go by anything.  We must help give them insight on moral values and good behaviour. 
Thank you.

Bismark Kwabla Kpobi 
Concerned Citizen.