DumbDogs: Media & CSOs Incapable of Multitasking? -Prince-Derek Adjei queries

Public confidence in the Judiciary is gone;`

DumbDogs: Media & CSOs  Incapable of Multitasking? -Prince-Derek  Adjei queries

Utility Tariffs are being used to steal from suffering Ghanaians, Galamsey Fight is being used to steal from the State while raw stealing of State Funds, State Assets including State Lands goes on unabated... Yesterday I overheard how a neighbor paid money unto his prepaid meter only for it to read negative credit; I ended up sleeping in darkness when I decided to verify this, I bought extra units and immediately I loaded them onto my perfectly okay prepaid meter, and my lights went off.

I do not live in the Krobo area, my meter was not fixed by soldiers... The Ghanaian Media and Civil Society Organisations must be asking if it is not time for Free Water and Free Electricity or at the very least demand an apology from his President for the vote buying.

Instead, they cover the President on his 2024 Election campaign train, and listen to him prematurely promoting his Corruption-tainted Director of Communications, Eugene Arnin, whose estranged wife exposed his Rags-to-Riches story as his preferred Parliamentary candidate even in defiance of the NPP's own rules. 

Ghana's Media and Civil Society Organisations are not able to keep tabs on the multiplicity of issues confronting Ghana under President Akufo Addo because most are compromised or looking to be compromised. Lately, you see many cars that have run out of petrol parked by the roadside, with the drivers pouring one gallon into them; these were not only taxis but these days V8s too.

#KromAyeShe  The excruciating hardships Ghanaians are suffering and the Wanton Waste and Looting must push the Media and Civil Society DumbDogs to start demanding immediate action...If the President does not immediately take action on those stealing State Funds, State Assets including State Lands, the Civil Uprising that has been predicted may just happen...Public confidence in the Judiciary is gone; NOBODY TRUSTS THE COURTS TO DELIVER JUSTICE. *Especially when the Judges have not been able to cleanse themselves by resigning or the Chief Justice taking appropriate Administrative action against them as was done in the case of those who stole or allowed themselves to be bribed with Goats and Yams...The retrieval of the State Assets, Cars, and Lands from the Judges without prosecution makes it untenable for the judges to sit in the prosecution of others and pass judgment on these persons who are jailed for far fewer offenses... SIM RE-REGISTRATION SCAM includes the NCA double-billing software, punishing Ghanaians while NIA is issuing Aisha Huang a deported Chinese Galamseyer with a GhanaCard on a Sunday.

The DumbDogs Series will expose the Gluttonous Journalists, CSOs, Clergy, and Clerics who must ensure the three Arms of Government function perfectly under the Constitution of Ghana.

The alternative is to wait for the looming Uprising, as the government fails to pay Workers, National Service Personnel, NaBCo Victims, COLA... The Accra Metropolitan Assembly which is supposed to ensure that the President's promise to make Accra the Cleanest City in Africa has failed to pay City Cleaners for almost one year, the arrears of their meager GHc200 monthly salaries.