Conduct clean investigations into state grabbing, the Cecilia Dapaah saga, and Akufo Addo's unconstitutional dealings- CMD instructs

The CMD's instructive statement is contained in a press release copied to Soireenew demanding a genuine investigation into allegations of abuse of power by the Akufo Addo-led government.

Conduct clean investigations into state grabbing, the Cecilia Dapaah saga, and Akufo Addo's unconstitutional dealings- CMD instructs

Caucus For Mature Democrats (CMD) is calling on all Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), Anti-corruption agencies, state security, and investigative bodies to conduct thorough investigations into the land-grabbing spree, the VRA alleged procurement violations and the ongoing Cecilia Dapaah money saga.

The CMD believes that the only way to get to the bottom of these allegations is to ensure that the investigative bodies do what it termed, "clean work devoid of political party colorations.

The CMD's instructive statement was contained in a press statement copied to calling for a genuine investigation into various allegations of abuse of power.

The CMD further urged that any investigative body assigned must protect the interest of the state and the experimenting democracy by eschewing mediocrity.

The CMD's call was occasioned by the numerous and overwhelming esposés of corruption and land grabbing which has characterized the Akufo Addo-Bawumia and Addison governments.

Despite jumping to the defense of the Bank of Ghana(BoG) by the International Monetary Fund(IMF), the CMD said that notwithstanding, it is corroborating the calls from well-meaning Ghanaians and the opposition National Democratic Congress(NDC) for the immediate resignation of the governor of the BoG and a complete dissolution of the BoG board.

According to the CMD, the gross corruption, misuse of public funds, and insensitivity of the Akufo Addo-led government are unprecedented.

The group stressed the need for the country's experimenting democracy to be saved from further deterioration.

"It is a shame to have people describing themselves as "economic gurus" managing an economy which has been downgraded to a junk economy and later to a bankrupt economy" CMD mocks.

The Caucus acknowledges that the profligate spending of the Akufo Addo-Bawumia and Addision government has rendered Ghana an insolvent country, "a very sad narrative", it said.

This signal, the CMD noted had been alerted by the opposition NDC cautioning the Bank of Ghana against running down the economy based on the minister of finance's reckless borrowing coupled with the elephant size government but the managers claimed they know it all therefore turn deaf ears adding, "Today, the reality has catch up with them".

"The insensitivity, wickedness, arrogance, abuse of power, misplaced priorities and needless waste of public funds by the Akufo Addo led government as well as the depletion of forest cover through illegal mining have landed us here", the CMD in a statement copied to; said.

"Equally irritating is the continuous attempts of  Akufo Addo and some members of his NPP government heartlessly defending and clearing members of his government caught either in acts of corruption like the recent Cecilia Dapaah's alleged stolen money saga, illegal mining activities like in the case of the Akunta mining, owned by Bernard Antwi Boasiako, aka Wuntumi, state landgrabs involving people from the presidency perpetrating acts against the state.

"It is very sad and regrettable that, State institutions in charge of fighting against corruption, Civil Society Organizations responsible for ensuring good governance, Religious groups, traditional leaders, chiefs, and anti-corruption crusaders, all have sadly failed, leading to the waste of public resources into a national cathedral few resources left of a collapsed and junk economy", CMD decried.

"It is time to call spade a spade in Ghana where the majority of Ghanaians now think that Ghana is being led by a tyrant contrary to the laid down democracy we agreed to be governed by", CMD further lamented.

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