Only one artiste beats me in creativity in the whole of Ghana - Guru

Ghanaian artiste, Guru, admits that his mentor “Obrafour” is better in terms of lyric construction

Only one artiste beats me in creativity in the whole of Ghana - Guru

Ghanaian rapper, Guru has uncharacteristically admitted that Ghanaian legend Obrafour, is the only rapper ahead of him when it comes to creativity.

The normally proud rapper, who only heaps praises on his own self claimed that Obrafour is his "father" when it comes to the construction of words in music.

Obrafour, whose "Kasiebo" track is unarguably the most creative and controversial song in the history of Ghana’s music especially in the 21st century.

Guru was speaking about his first single “Kasiebo” to Mona Gucci in an interview on Kantanka TV on the program “Link Up”. 

“We had the inspiration for Kasiebo song inside a trotro when Agya Abrifa was reading the 6:00 clock news. That is where we got it, and one thing I love about Obrafour is that he understands the creative aspect of music."



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Guru says his interest in music started when he was very young, but he did not pursue it as a career until he found himself performing at large events while in school like Miss SSS, a national contest in Ghana.

He also made appearances on national radio programs. Guru was the first artist to win the WAPPI Talent Discovery Program in 2008, a national contest seeking underground music artists.

"Because with a song like “Kasiebo” if you don’t get someone who is very deep, it will be difficult to bring out such creativity but he (Obrafour) was able to arrange the son to suit the concept we needed" he concluded.