Lack of welfare, proper training, late deployment of polling agents and materials, reason for NDC failure in Tema West.

The current Chairman of the Baatsona Ward within the Tema West Constituency,Mr. Jasper Medley who is vying for the position of chairman, is pledging a welfare package amongst other things for the constituency.

Lack of welfare, proper training, late deployment of polling agents and materials, reason for NDC failure in Tema West.

The aspiring Tema West Constituency Chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) is appealing to delegates to vote for him to become the Constituency Chairman as he has the welfare of the people at heart.

Being a Former Youth Organizer, Organizer, Chairman, and currently a Ward Coordinator, all at the Baatsona Ward within the Tema West Constituency and now contesting for Chairmanship, Mr. Jasper Midey has pointed out that the late deployment of polling materials and lack of welfare package for party footsoldiers within the constituency continue to negatively impact on the chances of the National Democratic Congress (NDC). Addressing the challenges, he revealed, will give the party an edge over opponents hence eventually winning the seat. Given the above, Mr. Jasper Midey has pledged seed money of GHS500 each for Wards within Tema West Constituency.

According to him, until those anomalies are corrected, the party's chances in the Constituency will continue to dwindle. Mr. Midey further noted that the lack of training and constant rehearsal session for polling agents which has contributed to the inability of those deployed to man polling stations to monitor the process through might continue. The challenges, he said have lingered on over the period, therefore, contributing to the poor showings of the party.

Having been a Former Chairman for four years, Organizer for four years, Youth Organizer for four years, and other experiences, he is upbeat that he will correct the anomalies should he be offered the nod at the upcoming constituency elections. His assurance comes at the back of late training and deployment of polling materials by leadership within the constituency making the leadership mistakenly deploy individuals who do not have any technical know-how to monitor the process. This, he said results in the constant defeat the party suffers always.

But, he said being, able to identify the challenges and knowing how to go about mitigating them, the party will smile at the upcoming election in 2024 if he is allowing leading as Constituency Chairman in Tema West. Mr. Jasper who had also been a Chairman before noted many lapses which have hampered the long-awaited victory for the NDC. "As we speak now, there are pink sheets in the possession of individuals due to the Constituency leadership's inability to coordinate the various polling agents", he noted.

He conceded that he is not the only wise person in Tema West but has a lot to offer should he be given the nod. "My interest is particularly rooted in the welfare package and that I know will go a long way to revamp the party's base for victory 2024", Mr. Jasper Midey reiterated in an exclusive interview.

Report by Prosper Kwaku Selassy Agbitor