I am a digital illiterate, I need help with my music - Professor Kofi Abraham

Legendary gospel artiste, Prof. Kofi Abraham admits that he needs help to monetise his music through the various digital platforms

I am a digital illiterate, I need help with my music - Professor Kofi Abraham
Professor Kofi Abraham

Veteran Ghanaian gospel artiste, Professor Kofi Abraham has admitted to his fans that the digital age has left him behind and he is at loss for what to do when it comes to monetizing his music in this modern era.

The amiable musician is now calling in his fans to help him monetize his songs through the right processes so that he can start taking advantage of the digital era, most especially YouTube.

He made his plea while speaking on the religious program ‘Nsem Pii’ which airs on Happy98.9FM.

Professor Kofi Abraham revealed that he has made over 35 albums since he started to record music, all of which he sees on YouTube being used by other people to make money for themselves. He explained that if he could be helped to understand the inner workings of the video hosting platform then maybe he can start making profits off it too.



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“Every time I go for interviews, I plead with the public to help me but I haven’t gotten anyone to help me get all of my songs that are on YouTube, and the people who uploaded them are making money out of it. In Ghana, some laws don’t work so someone can just take another person’s work and monetize it on YouTube to feed his family while I starve”, he said.

The legend explained that his quest to understand the platform started when his nephew told him sometime back that he has seen his music on a streaming platform and there is an amount of money to be paid before being able to play the song and thinking the money goes to him, he has bought all the songs.

"I told him that no part of that money comes to me. Just like the ones on YouTube and other sites. This is not fair and it breaks my heart anytime I talk about it” he concluded