Yaw Dabo Begs for iPhone 12 Pro from Okese 1

Yaw Dabo has exclaimed that he didn't take Okese1's promise lightly therefore the Amotia Gang honcho should fulfil his promise.

Yaw Dabo Begs for iPhone 12 Pro from Okese 1
Yaw Dabo

Samuel Nana Yaw Dabo has made a passionate appeal to Okese 1 to get him the luxurious iPhone he promised during an interview.

Yaw Dabo made this request during an interview with Poleeno where he mentioned that Okese 1 promised to give him a phone some time ago but it appears the Amotia Gang honcho is not trying to fulfil his promise.

On the lighter side, he said because Okese 1 has taken too long to honour his promise, he is no longer going to accept the iphone11 Pro but a 12Pro since that’s the latest from the popular brand.


He said; “anyone who knows Okese 1 should  tell him to bring me my 12pro, I don’t need the 11 pro anymore, it's out of the system.”

We recall that back in 2019, Yaw Dabo who flew to the US with his colleagues from Kumasi to shoot a movie was seen counting his money and recorded it for the internet community.

He claimed the amounted to Ghc10,000.

Indeed, a rich person should be able to buy the most expensive iPhone of his own yet Yaw Dabo added that Okese1 is his brother and he must not give him ‘format’ in manner.

“Okese 1 you are my brother the pepper you have smeared on my needs to be compensated,” he added.