North Tongu District NADMO Staff Exposed—Over Stealing A Bag Containing 37 Pieces Of Brand New Clothes, Mattresses And Kente Clothes For Victims Of Recent Flooding—But She Denies Allegation

Madam Gloria Donutsor, according to the information available to, would be arrested and prosecuted in the coming days for allegedly stealing of the relief items meant for the victims in Mepe to serve as a deterrent to others.

North Tongu District NADMO Staff Exposed—Over Stealing A Bag Containing 37 Pieces Of Brand New Clothes, Mattresses And Kente Clothes For Victims Of Recent Flooding—But She Denies Allegation
DRAMA UNFOLDED at Mepe Traditional Area  when the news broke out that the staff of National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) in the North Tongu District of the Volta Region, Madam Gloria Donutsor was allegedly caught in a bag stealing 37 pieces of brand new clothes at the flood victims camp at Mepe St. Kizito Senior High Technical School.

The items were part of the relief items being donated by the Apostles Revelation Society (ARS), one of the biggest churches to have emerged from the Volta Region to be distributed.
 The items were meant for thousands of victims of recent floods caused by the Akosombo and Akuse dams spillage of the Volta River Authority (VRA).
Madam Gloria Donutsor who doubles as the 
representative of NADMO at the flood victims safe havens camps in Mepe St. Kizito Senior High Technical School was reported to have stolen the clothes packed in a labelled "Ghana must go bag" and gave them out to her senior sister, Madam Helen Donutsor to be sent to her private house near the Mepe branch of Roman Catholic JHS.
Interestingly, Madam Helen Donutsor who is not one of the flood victims but reside in the camp of Mepe St. Kizito Senior High Technical School has confirmed and admitted that her junior sister, Gloria Donutsor has given out the said bag which claimed to contain pieces of clothes.
Madam Helen Donutsor added that her junior sister had given the bag to her to keep for her in the course of distribution of the items to the various beneficial flood victims.
"Yes my junior sister Gloria Donutsor gave me bag labelled to be kept for her in my house at the flood victims camp at Kizito campus and later she called in the evening to bring the bag to her in her private house. However, as the bag containing the clothes is very heavy and that in this sense l have asked the assistance from my kid to help me to carry the item to the private house of Gloria Donutsor," Madam Helen Donutsor confessed in a meeting with the Chairman of the Mepe St Kizito Safe Haven Flood Victims Association Chairman of the Association, Mr Amanatey Dusi.

This follows an strenuous efforts of the Chairman of the Association and his Vice including some residents of Mepe to subject Madam Helen Donutsor to scrutiny after the report of missing of the bag containing the pieces 37 clothes at the packed place in the Kizito campus.
Meanwhile, investigations at Mepe Kizito safe haven camp has revealed that that was not the first time Gloria Donutsor allegedly stoten the relief items from the store in Kizito campus.

Our sources at Mepe Kizito safe haven camp disclosed that a couple of days ago, Madam Gloria Donutsor has also stolen pieces of seven students mattresses donated to be distributed to the flood victims and kept them in hiding place in Kizito and that one of the victims have taken abrute force to also take away two of students mattresses which has angered her.
Madam Gloria Donutsor was also accused of stealing Kente Clothes donated by Volta River Authority, the allegations she has vehemently denied.
Bags of rice, student mattresses and other relief items were said to have gone missing from the store in Kizito campus since the corporate institutions/organizations and  individual philanthropists have started donations of items to the recent flood victims in Mepe.  

The stealing of NADMO staff in Mepe has denied needy members of society basic items like mattress and other food items during this unforeseen disasters which was caused by Akosombo and Akuse dams spillage.
Madam Gloria Donutsor has taken advantage of distribution of relief items meant for the victims to steal the items, the heartbreaking development which has angered the scores of citizens in Mepe for which they have called on the traditional authorities to order for the arrest and prosecution of Gloria Donutsor to serve as deterrent to others.
However, after the video went viral, North Tongu District NADMO representative came out to explain that the bag she took away has  not contained the clothes but contained dresses of men, the development which has made many people to believe that indeed Gloria Donutsor  committed the crime and she must be punished.
The stealing of the items by Gloria Donutsor 
has been brought to the attention of some prominent chiefs and queen-mothers of Mepe including the the Sub-Divisional Chief of Mepe Dzagbaku  Clan, Togbe Azagba IV.
But when contacted by to get her side of the story, Madam Gloria Donutsor stated that she knows nothing about missing of the bag containing the clothes as being claimed by her accusers.
"It is not true that l have stolen or even attempted to steal any relief items donated to be distributed to the victims, having be NADMO representative in the camp of Kizito campus l am working transparently with the relevant stakesholders to ensure equitable distributions of the items to the affected victims who are now rendered homeless in Mepe, so l would be last person to steal the items for the victims," Madam Gloria Donutsor stressed.
"The allegations leveled again me is not true, it was just cooked story and mere rumors to ostensibly to tarnish my image as well as eliminate me to pay ways for the members of the Association to do what are expected to do in the distributions of the items to the victims.
"There are more witnesses on the camp of Kizito campus who can attest to the fact l have not stolen the bag of clothes, students mattresses and Kente clothes as were claimed by Mr Amanatey Dusi and his followers,"Madam Gloria Donutsor reaffirmed.
She noted that when there was a report of the missing bag containing the clothes, she partnered with the military personnel and Mr Dusi to look for the bag.
She expressed misgivings about the attitude of Mr Dusi to refuse to cross-check the issue from her personally but they went ahead to engage "my sister to find out from her about the items that l have asked her to collect on her behalf from the committee at the time that the committee was sharing the items to households.
She noted that when the members of the Association and committee invited her to a meeting they never asked her of the missing bag.
"I took the courage to inform them that she had been hearing rumours in the town that they are saying that she has stolen the bag containing the clothes. I told them that the items in a bag l asked my sister Hellen Donutor to pick for me were not contained clothes and rather contained  Kaba And slit dresses. I never said the bag my sister took on my behalf contained men dresses as be claimed by Mr Dusi and associates,,"Madam Gloria Donutsor.

She has, therefore called on the general public particularly the people in Mepe and Volta Region  to completely disregard Mr Dusi and his followers' accusation against her, describing them as “baseless and unmeritorious.”
She stressed Mr Dusi and followers' accusations are nothing but a desperate attempt to scare and eliminate her for them to engage nefarious act in the distribution of the items.
According to the information available to, the Apostle Revelation Society Church came to Mepe on Sunday November 12, 2023 to donate the relief items including the clothes to be distributed to the victims in the seven recognized safe haven camps in Mepe.

However, after the donation, the members of Mepe Flood Victims Association (MFVA) who received items virtually kept them at the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Department of Mepe St. Kizito Senior High Technical School for onward distributions to the flood affected victims.
In an interview with the to  authenticate the fact of the matter, the 
Chairman of the Mepe Flood Victims Association Chairman of the Association, Mr Amanatey Dusi confirmed the case of stealing of items involving Gloria Donutsor and expressed misgivings about the situation.
He said when the items were brought by the ARS Church on Sunday November 12, 2023, his outfit and the NADMO representative have distributed some of them to the flood victims to the six active established safe havens camps at Mepe township.
He pointed out that lucky enough was that at the time that they are distributing the items donated by the ARS Church, there were not Ghana must go bags among the items they had supplied to the victims in the six designated safe heaven camps.
"Since there were series of complaints from other people that the people who are from my camp were taking advantage of selecting the good items donated from the store, l have ordered henceforth that if in case the items donated were comprised of Ghana must go bags, they should be kept in the store.
" that if the bags have reached the numbers of the households in the various camps in Mepe, then we would ask the households to come and pick the bags themselves for the seek of peaceful coexistence in the distributions of the items meant for victims of recent floods caused by spillage of the Akosombo and Kpong dams," Mr Amanatey Dusi narrated.
"Fortunately the relief items donated by ARS Church comprised many of Ghana Must go bags which have to be added to already thirteen (13) existing items donated being loaded in the Ghana must go bags and that since the items have not reach the actual numbers of the households,l have ordered for the items to be kept in the store in the Kizito campus," he revealed.
"When we realized that the bags were now outnumbered the existing households of the flood victims in the camp of Mepe St Kizito, l have taken decision that each household should come to pick one of the bag of Ghana must go.
"So when we started reaching the households on Monday November 13, 2023 to come for the the items, it was about few minutes that l received a distress call from someone who has directed me to check the bags because one of Ghana must go bags donated by ARS Church has a written label on it which contains 37 pieces of brand new clothes.
"Quickly l have moved to the place that we kept the bags to be distributed to cross check the bags, and that in the course of cross-checking, l have noticed that that particular bag was completely missing in where we kept the bags.
"I have contacted and informed the military personnel in the camp of Mepe St. Kizito Senior High Technical School to help me to move to the seven rooms of the victims who came to pick the bags earlier. This is because that were the places where we have supplied the items containing the bags to. So the military personnel should verify those places to find out whether there is a bag containing the clothes. 
Virtually, the military personnel moved to the rooms to verify the bags, but it was discovered that the bags sent to these seven rooms have no label written on them.
Shockingly to me, not too long ago, l have been informed by the North Tongu District NADMO representative herself[ Gloria Donutsor that one Norvinye Christiana Dugbaza opens the bags and she came to pick one of the Ghana Must go bags in the place hence she is the one. 
"...quickly l informed the military personnel and called the suspect before them asking her that l have information that she came to pick bag.
"And that the suspect [Norvinye Christiana Dugbaza] sent her room mate to bring the bag she came to pick. In this regard l and Norvinye Christiana Dugbaza including Military personnel searched through the bag but it hasn't contained the clothes which are missing with the bag," Mr Dusi recounted.
He asserted that later a widow who is also one of the flood victims in the camp of Kizito campus has informed him that before my outfit started distributing the bags, Madam Gloria Donutsor who was present received a call via telephone and moved from the crowds. 
He narrated that the informant told him that in few minutes Madam Gloria Donutsor came back to join the crowd, holding the phone on her ear and started searching among the bags and virtually picked out the bag which has labelled inscription on it.
According to him, the informant also victim at Kizito camp has informed him that after Madam Gloria Donutsor has succeeded in stealing the bag, she took it to leave it with her (widow) at the valadar of the ICT department of where she was standing.
He explained that the informant mentioned that Madam Gloria Donutsor has opened the bag in front of her and saw that the items were covered by lace material and that when she removed the lace she discovered that there were clothes contained in the bag.
Mr Dusi said the women noted that Gloria Donutsor asked her to be watching the items for her whilst at that moment she called her senior sister, Hellen Donutsor via telephone and informed her to come for the bag and she also came to take the bag to her room at the camp in Kizito.
"However for the look of the circumstance surrounding the whole issue, it shows clearly that Gloria Donutsor has stolen the bag before we even started sharing the items on that Monday November 13, 2023," Mr Dusi stressed.
To this end, the visibly distraught Dusi expressed worry over the increasing rate of stealing, hoarding and misappropriating of relief items meant for flood victims in Mepe by prominent individuals, including staff of NADMO.
In this regard, the chairman of the Association expressed this concern and appealed to all donor groups to deliver relief items directly to the leadership of the Mepe Flood Victims Association for equitable distribution among the displaced persons.