ALarm Blows! Police Cited In A Diabolical Plan To Partner Owusu Bempah And His Gangsters To Besiege Mahama's Office

The public should know that Owusu Bempah's allegation against JM is even based on a fake news report which ordinarily should attract an arrest and prosecution by the Cybercrime Unit of the Police.

ALarm Blows! Police Cited In A Diabolical Plan To Partner Owusu Bempah And His Gangsters To Besiege Mahama's Office
A CALL HAS been made to the supporters and members of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to be ready to protect the flagbearer of the NDC, former John Dramami Mahama on Thousand November 23, 2023.

Intelligence gathered from the corridors of Ghana Police Service suggest that on Friday November 17, 2023, a wireless communication was sent to the various heads of the Police Service regarding the Greater Accra Youth Wing's planned clean up exercise at the former President John Mahama's office on Thursday, November 23, 2023.
The police is hell bent on partnering the Deputy Communications Director of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Mr Ernest Owusu Bempah and his gangsters to create a scene at the former President John Mahama's office to dent his image. 
As a result, in the wireless message, the Greater Accra Regional Commander, COP Gariba, has directed all Police Divisional and District heads to assign not less than 40 officers each for deployment to John Mahama's office on November 23, 2023 to protect Owusu Bempah. 
There are 14 Divisions and 42 districts in Greater Accra alone so you can guess the number of officers Dampare and Gariba want to deploy to help Owusu Bempah to disrespect John Mahama. 
According to the wireless message, the assigned officers from the various Divisions and Districts in Greater Accra are to report to the Police Training School at Tesano, specifically FPU park at 7am on Monday and Tuesday for special training. They will be joined by a special team from the SWAT unit. 
After the Monday and Tuesday special training, the officers, per the wireless cable, are again required to report at the Greater Accra Regional command on Thursday at 4am for final briefing and deployment to John Mahama's office for the operation. 
In between Monday and Wednesday, there are plans to either invite or arrest the Greater Accra Regional Youth Organizer over frivolous charges to put fear in NDC members not to show up for the clean up exercise. 
This plan is to create room for the police to outnumber NDC members who will turn up at John Mahama's office for the clean up. 
The Police are up with this strategy because Owusu Bempah may not be able to moblize people for his demonstration which has been roundly condemned. He is so far struggling to get people to buy into his senseless agenda. 
This is the time for NDC members to stand up against this state sponsored attack on John Mahama and his private office if indeed the party is ready for power in 2024. If the NDC allows the Police and NPP to have their way on November 23, then they must forget about 2024.
The NPP and police want to use November 23 test what they intend to do in 2024 to intimidate NDC members as they did in 2020 elections. The NDC must not allow this to happen this time round.