Nii Kpakpo Thomson finally confesses why he is no longer host of Date Rush

Former host of Date Rush, Nii Kpakpo Thompson, admits that he has been let go by the producers of the show

Nii Kpakpo Thomson finally confesses why he is no longer host of Date Rush
Nii Kpakpo Thompson

Nii Kpakpo Thompson revealed that he has been sacked by the producers of the Date Rush show.

The popular show host took to his Twitter page to answer the question of his fans who were used to watching him anchor the relationship program.

With the new season in motion, fans had been bothered by the absence of the regular host after he was abruptly replaced by Giovani Caleb.

Most thought that it was a temporary arrangement, with Henry set to return to his rightful place sometime in the future.

He has now cleared the doubts as he disclosed that his replacement is of a permanent nature.


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Mr. Henry however said that he will appear on another platform to entertain his fans. 

"I have received loads of questions from every corner about me not being on #daterush. Unfortunately, this season, the producers decided to go with another host. I’ll see you guys on another platform. I love you all." he disclosed. 

According to him, acting is his lifeblood and he cannot do without it.

"Acting has been a part of me since childhood. I have been in plays, TV skits, TV commercials, and on comic stages on several occasions. I have not pursued it professionally because the opportunities where I come from are quite limited in this field."

"I had to concentrate on making a living, thus, working in the corporate world, advertising. However, I always had a gig on the side. I hold my own whenever I get a role to play. I am ready to give it a push now in this new terrain and I am certain to make a good impression here, whatever role is thrown at me." He concluded.