Kojo Antwi: "I don't do music to win awards"

The renowned Highlife icon warned that when he received notoriety through an award program, some people would interpret his words incorrectly.

Kojo Antwi: "I don't do music to win awards"

Maestro Kojo Antwi has stated that he does not perform music with the hope of garnering recognition.

Kojo Antwi is one of the most experienced musicians in the industry who has had a significant impact through his sons and has endured for many years. Despite producing outstanding boys, the musician has admitted that he doesn't sing for recognition or prizes.

  He claims that he wants to use his God-given gift to benefit the entire planet.

"I hope nobody misunderstands me. I don't attend any of the awards ceremonies we host. I don't perform my songs to garner recognition. I have this skill that God has given me, and if He gives me a song, I will share it with the world. Kojo Antwi stated in an interview with Abieku Santana on Okay FM, "That is what I search for.

He screamed, "As an artist, that is not my thing. that is fantastic to win a Grammy and see others win.