Advocacy for human right is my calling-Joseph Wemakor, HRRG CEO

Being a native of Ghana,Joseph Wemakor, is unwaveringly committed to the course of safeguarding society for communal living.

Advocacy for human right is my calling-Joseph Wemakor, HRRG CEO

Journalism regardless of suppression from authoritarian regimes, continue to play a prominent role in mirroring society, facilitating open dialogue and promoting justice.

Against this backdrop, one figure stands out, shining through the patchwork of the media sphere – Joseph Wemakor. Wemakor is not just a journalist reporting ordinary stories; he is a beacon of justice, highlighting social injustices and striving to make the world a better place.

Being a native of Ghana,Joseph Wemakor, is unwaveringly committed to the course of safeguarding society for communal living.

He is careful to distinguish between his profession and his calling.

As a journalist, his task necessitates accurate reporting on an array of topics, but when it comes to justice, he steps away from conventional objectivity and takes on a more proactive role, becoming an advocate for the causes he believes in. In his professional capacity, Mr. Wemakor is widely recognized for his thorough coverage of both local and international issues. 

 He has a knack for exposing the unique aspects of a story, providing fresh insights and perspectives. He is regularly cited and re-quoted in other media, highlighting his credibility in the profession. However, what sets him apart is his commitment to justice.

He calls it his 'Justice System' (JS). His passion for encouraging fairness and equitable treatment for all is the driving force behind his journalism.

JS is Wemakor's way of combining his profession with his passion, using journalism as a tool to champion justice. As a justice advocate, Mr. Wemakor doesn’t only expose injustices but also offers solutions, taking steps beyond the confines of journalism. 

He has been instrumental in creating awareness of human rights issues, gender equality, and social inequalities.

His work in these areas is comprehensively reported in a manner that catalyzes action and fosters societal changes.

Wemakor's dedication to his persona 'Justice Journalist' shows his strong belief that media professionals have a role to play in the overall development of a society.

His advocacy doesn't stop at reporting; he facilitates dialogues and initiates discussions, encouraging people to take action against unfair practices.

His contribution to journalism and social justice hasn't gone unnoticed. Mr. Wemakor has received awards and accolades for his tireless advocacy work.

His recent declaration including that of his organization as the recipient of the 5th UN Global Entreps Awards by the Secretary-General of Entreps-International Board of Global Actors and Business for Sustainability, Raquel Torres in partnership with the United Nations further cements his position as an influential figure in the journalism field and social justice advocacy. Joseph Wemakor is no ordinary journalist.

He represents a new generation of journalists who strive to utilize their profession to evoke change, not just inform.

His ultimate aim is to use his work as a journalist to create a fairer, more equitable society.

The story of Joseph Wemakor therefore, underscores the critical posture a journalist can assume in society. 

 His mission, embodied in his JS system, sets an inspiring example for other journalists around the world. Indeed, Mr. Wemakor's dedication to justice goes beyond words – it's his way of life, his mission, and his purpose.

A true testament to the impactful role of journalism in advocating for justice. As a journalist and passionate advocate for justice, Joseph Wemakor deftly combines his profession and his passion to bring about change.

His commitment to justice is an inspiration, a call to action for both journalists and ordinary people alike to challenge and change the status quo for a better world.

Though the task can be daunting, he is resolved to occupy his space with the ultimate calling with the sole aim of rendering social justice. One can only wish him well in his endeavors, kudos wj@hrrg