Children are the future congregations-Christ-Watch Your Tongue CEO-Inspector Daniel Kwesi Ofori Appiah

Parents have been urged to initiate measures that will enable children draw near to Christ.

Children are the future congregations-Christ-Watch Your Tongue CEO-Inspector Daniel Kwesi Ofori Appiah

The Chief Executive Officer of Watch Your Tongue Foundation(WYTF),has hinted that the only way to train the character of children is to show them the way to Christ. "Viewing children in the light of a future congregation mindset will awaken strong desire in ensuring they are not swayed before reaching out to them,he intimated.

He asked "If we do not train them now, which people will replace us in the future?". He was addressing congregrants at a sensitization programme at Apostolic Church Ghana on the need for children to be drawn closer to their maker. "Children are the future Church congregation.

That is why it is important to train them to love the word of God and also develop a good relationship with their Maker",he added. He condemned the practice in churches where children are relegated to the background each time they make a move forward, they are sacked. Such an act, he said accounts for why most children have lost interest in coming to church. "... when they try to siege forward, they are resisted and pushed to Sunday school where no elder goes to check what they are being taught", he lamented.

"Children involvement in crime is escalating and the number of children entering prison are also on the rise yet, these same children attend church with their parents and so if we do not find a way of making them love the Lord, there will be a serious problem",he noted.

He said spelling of Christ indicates an acronym which has meaning. According to him, the 'C' in Christ means create opportunities for children to take part in church activities. They should be given the chance demonstrate their God-giving talents and gifts. 'H' means handle children with love. 'R' means recognized the positive aspects of children by rewarding them.

He said the church sponsor those who may need to be sponsored, those who require medical attention should be offered,those who need financial support should as well be supported and also consider their spiritual aspect. 'I' means include child protection messages in our sermons.

He said that ensure they grow with security consciousness and protect others as well. 'S' means set up learning centres for children to train children create jobs. He said those who have their own businesses decide control their time at work and you need them, they can respond as early as possible and 'T' in Christ means train up the children to live right. He when the church does that the children will grow to do the work of the Lord with positive minds.

They will use the words of their new mouth to affect the work of the Lord in order to draw many to the Lord. He said the will demonstrate positive characters which will influence others to the Lord. He said it will enhance their academic writings as well. The pastor in charge of the church,Pastor Daniel Quartey entreated parents to pay particular attention to the upbringing of their children with interest in physical, moral, mental and spiritual developments.

Report by Prosper Kwaku Selassy Agbitor